Is Social Media The Best Way To Reach Young Consumers?

Is Social Media The Best Way To Reach Young Consumers?

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What is the best way to reach young consumers these days? A recent study by SDL suggests social media is the way to go even though just over half of marketers believe social media is effective.


Social media has become a valuable marketing tool, mainly for its ability to connect with a broad range of online consumers at the same time.

But because of the indirect way social marketing works, it can be hard to measure immediate results.

In Australia, the majority of businesses have invested time and money into creating a presence on social networking sites, but only 58 per cent of marketers believe it is effective, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

However, a recent study by SDL has found that social media may be the key to reaching younger consumers.

The study interviewed 1,800 millennials – those between 18-36 years old – in Australia, as well as the US, UK, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.

The results revealed that five out of six millennials choose to interact with brands over social networking platforms.

But their attention doesn’t come for free.

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