São Paulo’s AKQA Casa Gets Steamy In Suggestive New Sprite Campaign

São Paulo’s AKQA Casa Gets Steamy In Suggestive New Sprite Campaign

Sprite has launched “The Knocklace Collection,” via AKQA Casa, designed to give adults stuck at home a heads up when their parents get home.

The campaign “recognises the difficulty of finding solitary moments” at a time when many young people are forced to stay at home with their parents due to challenging economic times.

To address this, Sprite collaborated with AKQA Casa to create a campaign focused on the Knocklace capsule collection, featuring three jewelry pieces inspired by lockets.

Handcrafted in partnership with Pay 4 Brain, each locket is equipped with a secret technological device seamlessly paired with smartphones. The sensor discreetly sends a notification whenever a Knocklace user breaches the perimeter and automatically switches screens to a “safe screen” if necessary. It indicates only the proximity between the users, without tracking their exact location. Adding an ironic twist, the medallion design allows users to store a special photograph, blending function with sentimentality.

“The Knocklace Collection” campaign takes another step in this concept and brings a narrative that goes beyond, offering an innovative and fun solution to such an important topic for young adults: privacy in intimate moments.

“Sprite believes that staying cool in challenging situations is the best way to navigate them. In addition to its extreme refreshment, which is the brand’s signature, Sprite is a great ally of this generation, understanding that dealing with challenges requires humour and intelligence, especially in their relationship between parents or guardians. Without neglecting the trust in these relationships, but with humour and technology-driven solutions,” said Chiara Martini, senior director of creative strategy for Coca-Cola in Latin America.

According to AKQA Casa’s associate creative director João Gandara, “The Knocklace Collection emerges as a humorous tool to raise awareness on the importance of dialogue and privacy. As a brand designed to help people stay cool, Sprite is the perfect ambassador for this type of innovation.”

The campaign eliminates the heat of being caught red-handed and having to deal with embarrassing situations. However, the main idea is to promote conversation and provoke dialogue about privacy issues in the digital age.

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