Ryan Lochte Seeks A Fresh Start In PowerBar Campaign

Ryan Lochte Seeks A Fresh Start In PowerBar Campaign

Controversial american Olympic swim bro Ryan Lochte is cleaning up his image with a tongue-in-cheek campaign for energy bar PowerBar which encourages people to “wipe away the past”.

During the Rio Olympics last year, Lochte generated headlines for claiming that he and three other Olympic swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. A video was then released which showed Lochte had lied, instead he was involved in vandalising a petrol station. Loche lost four major sponsorship deals with Speedo, Ralph Lauren, Airweave and Gentle Hair Removal after the controversy.

PeaPowerBar is building an entire campaign around Lochte and his ‘search for redemption’, while also promoting the brand’s new “clean” whey protein bars.

“I’m excited about the brand’s commitment to cleaning up its ingredients with the new Clean Whey products,” Lochte said in a statement. “As I move forward in 2017 and recommit to swimming faster, I’m excited these bars will be part of my daily nutrition to provide the extra energy I need to stick to my Clean Start Pledge.”

“The philosophy we got behind is the idea of starting clean,” Doug Cornille, vice president of marketing of PowerBar owner Premier Nutrition, told Fortune. “Ryan, like us, is looking for a clean start. It is a great fit for both us and him.”


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