Roxy Unveils Her Own Designer Jumble Sale, But Insists It’s About The Fashion Darlinks, Not The Cash Flow

Roxy Unveils Her Own Designer Jumble Sale, But Insists It’s About The Fashion Darlinks, Not The Cash Flow

Ever looked at PR maven, style guru and socialite Roxy Jacenko’s wardrobe and thought I wish I could afford to dress like that?

Well, now you might almost be able to with news the 40-year-old is selling many of her pre-worn designer labels via fashion re-sale site The Luxe Base.

It’s been a tough six months for Jacenko, with poo joggers, graffiti attacks and last month’s news that her PR arm, Sweaty Betty, had lost 85 per cent of its clients due to the coronavirus. Not to mention her husband, Oliver Curtis’, year in the clink for inside trading.

So, some wags might suggest that Jacenko was having an urgent fire sale to cover the bills.

Not so, says the woman herself, who revealed she often re-sells wardrobe items simply taking up space in her wardrobe because, like any good socialite, you do not want to be photographed in the same frock twice.

Jacenko telling B&T: “If I can live on the sale of a YSL dress I am turning over a very frugal new leaf! The Luxe Base site is the brainchild of my dear friend Lara of 20 years, so I am happy to people to gossip that it’s a fire sale as her hits have gone through the roof overnight.”

The items for sale on The Luxe Base website include a Yves Saint Laurent dress for $1250, a Louis Vuitton tuxedo dress for $320, a Miu Miu dress for $550, Balmain T-shirts for $225 and $290, and a pair of Tom Ford shoes for $520.

Jacenko adding that her famed $1 million handbag collection was definitely not for sale.

The PR guru telling The Daily Telegraph: “I sell all my stuff, I’ve always sold it. I actually used to have a page called Roxy Jacenko Sale and it did super well.

“At one point I think I had $70,000 in takings and PayPal put a block on my account because they thought there was something fraudulent going on. But I’ve always done that. I’m not known as a hoarder by any stretch, I sell everything.

“I think now in the days of Instagram that’s why rental businesses have become so popular. With Instagram you can’t be whirling out the same garment 10 times over. Everyone will be saying ‘god she’s wearing that again, she’s getting her money’s worth’.”

Last month, Jacenko told B&T that her agencies were well geared to weather the CV-19 storm, despite the significant hit (and staff redundancies) at Sweaty Betty, and, she added, it was actually a good time for some perspective.

“I feel a sense of relief as strange as it sounds, I have been chained to my desk through my husband’s jailing, my children’s first days at school, a battle with breast cancer and never been able to step back and take a breath – I feel like this is my time to do that, I have decided that I would rather have my sanity than another fast car or Hermes Bag,” Jacenko revealed.




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