Red Rock Deli Revealed As Collaborator Behind New Pnau Single Via Special

Red Rock Deli Revealed As Collaborator Behind New Pnau Single Via Special
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Red Rock Deli have revealed their most ambitious flavour experiment yet: a song created with nothing but their signature ingredients.

The newest single from Pnau, the multi-platinum, ARIA-awarded act, has been created in collaboration with Red Rock Deli to mark a significant moment where the worlds of food and music collide in the brand’s new Awaken Your Senses campaign.

Inspired by the trend of sampling unusual sounds, from squeaky doors to pedestrian crossings, Pnau and Red Rock Deli have taken this to new heights, composing an entire track with remixed samples like a chilli ‘clap’, lime ‘synth’, sour cream ‘tambourine’ and chip crunch ‘hi-hats’. The process was captured in collaboration with Revolver / Glue Society, Rumble, and Level Two Music, and the campaign will be live from March across Meta, TikTok, YouTube, OOH and Spotify.

“Red Rock Deli is a brand that is constantly pushing the boundaries of complex and layered flavour. We believe in offering more than just a tasty chip, an experience that will awaken your senses and make life more rich, interesting and textured. Partnering with an artist like Pnau brings this message to life in an exciting new way that places the brand at the intersection of art, music and culture and we’re thrilled that the launch of the ‘Awaken Your Senses’ campaign will offer people a moment to experience the fusion of flavour and sound like never before.” A four-minute track ‘All Your Energy’, was also released by Pnau via Spotify and Apple music and will be sure to excite both music and Red Rock Deli fans alike,” said Vandita Pandey, chief marketing officer ANZ Snacks & Beverages, PepsiCo.

“Working with Red Rock Deli on ‘All Your Energy’ has been an interesting space for us to play in. The fusion of music and food is something we haven’t done before, and it set a new challenge for us. ‘All Your Energy’ is a quintessential PNAU track but with complex new layers for our fans to explore,” said Nick Littlemore from PNAU.

“Red Rock Deli have always been an experimental brand, whether in their advertising or their flavours. This campaign elevates that experimentation into culture, art and music for everyone to enjoy. Bringing this idea to life with PNAU was a career highlight,” said Letizia Bozzolini & Justin Butler, creative directors at Special Group.

“Bringing together film, art, music and food to create something new is exactly the kind of project we at The Glue Society love. The chance to work with an iconic brand and band made the experience all the more rewarding,” said Pete Baker, Director, Revolver / Glue Society.

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