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Radio Ratings: Kyle & Jackie O Knock Ben Fordham Out Of Top Brekkie Slot

Radio Ratings: Kyle & Jackie O Knock Ben Fordham Out Of Top Brekkie Slot

The big news from this month’s radio ratings is that 2GB’s Ben Fordham has been officially knocked out of Sydney’s lead breakfast spot.

With numbers declining since Fordham took over from Alan Jones, KIIS’ Kyle & Jackie O – who have been consistently sneaking up the ratings – ultimately took top spot for Sydney. The show’s 15.5 per cent share is the highest it has ever achieved.

ARN chief content officer Duncan Campbell said, “Kyle & Jackie O are world class operators and the show’s ongoing relevance in an ever-changing market shows their strength of connection with the people of Sydney.  We could not be prouder of them and the support team of producers, marketers and activations people who all contribute to the show’s success.”

KIIS also dominated in drive, where Will & Woody lept to number one while smoothfm’s Byron Webb sank from first to third.

Over in Melbourne, the overall share saw a big jump up for ABC Melb, which last month failed to make it to the top three most listened to channels. In brekkie, Ross and Russell maintained dominance, moving neither up nor down, while there was positive movement for ABC’s Sammy J too.

In drive, ABC Melb saw a massive jump of 3.0 per cent for Rafael Epstein’s show, knocking NOVA out of the top three most listened to.

Down in Adelaide was success for FIVEaa, which increased by 1.5 per cent to place number two in overall share – coming second to MIX 102.3. FIVEaa also won breakfast with an increase of 1.7 per cent, while the ABC’s Breakfast with Ali Clarke dropped quite significant by 2.0. That being said, it did come second overall still.

In drive, NOVA’s Kate, Tim & Joel once again reigned supreme, but saw their numbers fall by 1.0 per cent.

Looking west to Perth, NOVA mainained their overall dominance, but dipped a little in both overall share and in brekkie. 6PR’s Gareth Parker clung onto third spot for breakfast, but once again saw a slide in ratings. ABC Perth is gradually working its way up to meet him, coming fourth with a rise of 0.5 per cent.

Kate, Tim & Joel was again number one in Perth’s drive, rising 0.4 per cent.

NOVA’s chief programming and marketing officer Paul Jackson said, ”

“In Perth Nova 93.7 had an incredible result with the station number one for five consecutive surveys and the station continues to have the most listeners in market. The Nathan, Nat & Shaun breakfast show maintained their strength in breakfast as number one breakfast show with a 14.5 per cent share.”

Finally in Brisbane, there was a real drop for 4KQ. Last ratings, it came in second overall, and now has slipped to fourth. In contrast, 97.3 FM rose by 0.4 per cent to come second. Last ratings, it failed to make the top three. NOVA was still in the lead, but like Perth and Adelaide, slightly down.

4KQ also dropped off brekkie while TRIPLE M’s The Big Breakfast With Marto And Margaux increased to second place. Kate Tim & Joel still topped in drive, though numbers dropped slightly. Triple M’s Molloy jumped up in ratings while Carrie & Tommy was knocked out of the top three.

Read on for all the juicy data!


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: 2GB (11.8, last 11.7, up 0.1)

Second: KIIS 106.5 (10.6, last 9.6, up 1.0)

Third: smoothfm 95.3 (10.0, last 10.8, down 0.8)


First: KIIS 106.5 The Kyle & Jackie O Show (15.5, + 2.6)

Second: 2GB Ben Fordham Live (13.3, – 0.2)

Third: ABC Syd Breakfast With Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck (11.9, -1.2)


First: KIIS 106.5 Will & Woody (11.4, +1.2)

Second: ABC Syd Drive with Richard Glover (9.7, -0.1)

Third: smoothfm 95.3 (9.5, -1.6) Byron Webb


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: 3AW (15.5, last 15.6, down 0.1)

Second: ABC Mel (11.1, last 8.8, up 2.3)

Third: GOLD 104.3 (10.4, last 11.1, down 0.7)


First: 3AW Ross and Russell (20.1, 0.0)

Second: ABC MEL Sammy J (13.8, +2.7)

Third: GOLD 104.3 The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show (8.6, +0.6)


First: 3AW Drive with Tom Elliot (12.7, -0.8)

Second: GOLD104.3 Gavin Miller (10.8, +0.2)

Third: ABC MEL Drive with Rafael Epstein (10.2, +3.0)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: MIX 102.3 (13.2, last 13.0, up 0.2)

Second: FIVAaa (12.3, last 10.8, up 1.5)

Third: CRUISE1323 (10.6, last 11.1, down 0.5)


First: FIVAaa Breakfast with David Penberthy & Will Goodings (15.5, + 1.7)

Second:  ABC Adelaide Breakfast with Ali Clarke (12.4, – 2.0)

Third: MIX 102.3 Erin Phillips & Soda (11.8, -0.5)


First: NOVA 91.9 Kate, Time and Joel  (14.8, -1.0)

Second: MIX 102.3 Will & Woody (13.8, -0.1)

Third: FIVEaa Rowey’s Sports Show (10.1, + 2.0)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: NOVA 93.7 (12.7, last 13.5, down 0.8)

Second: MIX 94.5 (11.7, last 11.9, down 0.2)

Third: 96FM (11.5, lasr 11.1, up 0.4)


First: NOVA 93.7 Nathan, Nat & Shaun (14.5, -0.5)

Second: MIX 94.5 Pete, Matt & Kymba (12.7, +0.6)

Third: 6PR Breakfast With Gareth Parker (10.4, -0.9)


First: NOVA93.7 Kate, Tim & Joel (17.5, +0.4)

Second: MIX 94.5 Carrie and Tommy (11.8, -0.9)

Third: 96FM Russell Clarke (11.7, -0.3)

6JJJ Hobba & Hing (11.7, +0.9)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: NOVA106.9 (10.8, last 11.1, down 0.3)

Second: 97.3FM (10.2, last 9.8, up 0.4)

Third: 104.5 TRIPLE M (9.9, last 10.2, down 0.3)


First: NOVA106.9  Ash, Kip, Luttsy & Susie O’Neill (11.8, -0.2)

Second: 104.5 TRIPLE M The Big Breakfast With Marto And Margaux (11.0, +0.8)

Third: ABC BRIS Breakfast with Craig Zonca and Loretta Ryan (10.3, 0.0)


First: NOVA106.9 Kate, Tim & Joel (14.5, – 0.8)

Second: 97.3FM Will & Woody (10.9, +0.1)

Third: 104.5 TRIPLE M Molloy (10.7, +0.9)

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