Radio Ratings: ABC Sydney Overtakes Kyle & Jackie O

Radio Ratings: ABC Sydney Overtakes Kyle & Jackie O

In a year where Australia’s radio habits changed profoundly, while some headed back to the office while others doubled down on working from home, stations across the nation had mixed results.

ABC Sydney saw the biggest increase of any channel, growing from 8.5 per cent to 12.2 per cent (a rise of +3.7) to beat KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O.

2GB was still the big Sydney winner with a boost of 0.6 to 14.4 per cent. Ben Fordham’s breakfast program continued to grow with 18.1 per cent of the share, in a boost of 1.0 per cent.

Greg Byrne, Nine’s Head of Content commented, “Ben Fordham in Sydney and Ross and Russ in Melbourne [at 3AW] have again recorded stunning results.”

Down in Melbourne, 3AW saw ratings decrease by 3.3 to 16.3 per cent. They still came out on top overall, but second place channel GOLD104.3 saw a 2.0 increase to 11.0 per cent while third place smoothfm 91.5 had a +1.1 increase to 91.5 per cent.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 was the big winner, increasing by 1.3 to score 13.0 per cent of listeners. They also managed to maintain a top three breakfast show spot after longstanding host of Jodie & Soda, Jodie Oddy, left late last year. She was replaced by Adelaide AFLW co-captain Erin Phillips

Over in Perth, NOVA 93.7 came out on top at 13.6 per cent, though they did have a decrease of 0.7.

Finally, up in Brisbane, NOVA106.9 won with 11.4 per cent which, like in Perth, had a decrease. Listener share sunk by 1.1.

Dave Cameron, Chief Content Officer at SCA  reflected that “nationally, there are still changing habits….working from home continues to be a factor.”

“This is returning to some form of pre-Covid normality, even if we’re not quite there yet”

After significant rebranding and the relaunching of multiple stations in the last six months – including SAFM in Adelaide and Triple M in Perth – he said that “it’s been an excellent entry for some of our new shows.”

Highlights included the launch of 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin which saw the station’s breakfast ratings rise by 0.2 per cent, and Marty Sheargold on 105.1 Triple M in Melbourne.

Read on for the other rating highlights.



First: 2GB’s Ben Fordham Live (18.1 per cent, last 17.1, up 1.0 per cent)

Second: ABC Syd Breakfast with Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck (12.7 per cent, last 10.5, up 2.2 per cent)

Third: KIIS 106.5 Kyle & Jackie O (9.8 per cent, last 11.3, down 1.5 per cent)


First: ABC Syd Drive with Richard Glover(13.3 per cent, last 7.8, up 5.5 per cent)

Second: smoothfm 95.3 Byron Webb (8.9 per cent, last 10.8, down 1.9 per cent)

Third: NOVA 96.9 Kate, Tim & Joel (8.9 per cent, last 9.4, down 0.5 per cent)



First: 3AW Ross and Russell (22.2 per cent, last 25.0, down 2.8 per cent)

Second: ABC Melbourne Sammy J (10.7 per cent, last 12.6, down 1.9 per cent)

Third: GOLD104.3, The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show (8.9 per cent, last 7.5, up 1.4 per cent)


First: 3AW Drive with Tom Elliot (13.1 per cent, last 16.9, down 3.8 per cent)

Second: GOLD 104.3, Gavin Miller (10.4 per cent, last 7.8, up 2.6 per cent)

Third: smoothfm 91.5 Byron Webb (8.2 per cent, last 7.5, up 0.7 per cent)



First: FIVEaa David Penberthy and Will Goodings (14.8 per cent, last 12.2, up 2.6 per cent)

Second: ABC Adelaide Breakfast with Ali Clarke (15.2 per cent, last 15.9, down 0.7 per cent)

Third: Mix 102.3  Erin Phillips & Soda (10.9 per cent, last 10.6, plus 0.3 per cent)


First: NOVA 9.19  Kate, Tim & Joel  (13.3 per cent, last 12.4, up 0.9 per cent)

Second: Mix 102.3 Will & Woody (13.2 per cent, last 11.0, up 2.2 per cent)

Third: SAFM Carrie & Tommy (10.4 per cent, last 9.8, up 0.6 per cent)



First: NOVA 93.7 Nathan, Nat & Shaun (15.2 per cent, last 15.9, down 0.7 per cent)

Second: MIX 94.5 Pete, Matt & Kymba ( (12.0 per cent, last 10.8, up 1.2 per cent)

Third: ABC Perth Russell Woolf  (11.2 per cent, last 11.2 change 0.0)


First: NOVA 93.7 Kate, Tim & Joel  (14.8 per cent, last 14.8, change 0.0)

Second: Mix 94.5 Carrie and Tommy (12.2per cent, last 11, up 1.2 per cent)

Third: 6JJJ Hobba & Hing (11.4 per cent, last 9.1, up 2.3 per cent)



First: NOVA 106.9 Ash, Kip, Luttsy and Susie O’Neill (11.4 per cent, last 13.0 down 1.6 per cent)

Second: ABC Bris Steve Austin (11.0 per cent, last 9.9, up 1.1 per cent)

Third: 4KQ Nick Michaels (10.8 per cent, last 10.5, up 0.3 per cent)



NOVA 106.9 Kate, Tim & Joel (14.8 per cent, last 15.9, down 1.1 per cent)

Second: 4JJJ Hobba & Hing (11.9 per cent, last 7.2, up 4.7 per cent)

Third: 104.5 Triple M Molloy (10.8 per cent, last 10.4, up 0.4 per cent)


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