R/GA Abandons “Office-Centric” Model In Favour Of “Distributed Creativity”

R/GA Abandons “Office-Centric” Model In Favour Of “Distributed Creativity”

R/GA has announced that it is moving away from an “office-centric” mode allowing staff to work with clients around the world, regardless of where they are located.

R/GA Australia said that it understands its clients’ needs for expertise across a range of areas and that it has invested in specialised talent in its Products & Experiences offering, Connected Communications, and its new Brand Design and Consulting practice.

“We’ve accelerated the growth of expertise in our practices with talent on the front-line, rather than investing in rigid and expensive agency executive structures – which we all know has been a frustration of clients for years,” said Michael Titshall, R/GA’s SVP managing director, Australia.

Our model enables our best talent, regardless of geography, to work on client briefs and deliver these end-to-end. This has seen R/GA Australia export creative work to the world, with brands such as Nike, Timberland, and Samsung, rather than only the other way around.”

R/GA is coming up to a decade of operations in Australia and, despite its new model, the agency opened a new office in Sydney’s Surry Hills suburb this week. At a launch event for the new office, R/GA execs discussed how they could connect with teams from all over the world — giving them deeper insight and diverse viewpoints. This distributed workforce paid dividends on projects such as the relaunch of the Museum of Chinese in Australia.

R/GA’s global CEO Sean Lyons said: “We are at our best when we are very intentional about our creative expertise. It’s easy for creative  companies to get lost in the concept of integration without being an expert in the things you are trying to integrate. Our clients come to us for our deep expertise along with our ability to embrace where creativity and technology intersect. In our business technology is often used purely for efficiency when it has tremendous creative potential. This benefits not only our Australian clients but also global clients who rely on our talent here to bring their ingenuity and creativity to their work. Our new model, embracing distributed creativity, will only make this faster and easier.”

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