How To Put Your Foot Firmly In PR

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Did you know 55 per cent of newspaper stories are a result of PR? asks Swinburne Online. The profession is continuing to expand as the journalism industry shrinks – with up to 25,000 new public relations jobs projected to be created by 2018.

Although this is good news for PR professionals, this doesn’t change the fact that the industry, by nature, is a competitive space to play in. Of the over 20,000 people employed in PR in 2013, 42.2 per cent had a Bachelor degree.

A brief scan of agencies taking on interns shows that the competition starts at the entry level. But, gone are the days of building a career from the ground up. Today employers’ expectations are increasingly in favor of higher qualifications to round out experience.

So how do you get a foot in the door?

Knowing that industry expects experience means those new to PR should look around early for ways to get this – internships are just one way, there’s also volunteering and building a digital footprint that reflects an understanding of media platforms.

Getting qualified is also key. There are many options out there for potential PR practitioners trying to get into the industry, but Swinburne Online is providing a new way for students to get qualified and keep up the juggle of other commitments.

With a Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) available fully online and taught by industry professionals, Swinburne Online is giving students’ access to a flexible study option that allows for learnings to be applied in the workforce as they go.

If you’re keen to get your PR career rolling, jump in. The opportunity awaits for you to leverage these tools to make a mark in this growing industry.

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