“Pure Fiction”: Nine Faces Court Over 60 Minutes Defamation Case

“Pure Fiction”: Nine Faces Court Over 60 Minutes Defamation Case

Nine’s lawyers have been busy this week, with the broadcaster fronting the NSW Supreme Court to fight a defamation lawsuit involving its flagship current affairs program 60 Minutes.

The case revolves around a story titled ‘Forced Marriage’ that aired on 60 Minutes in 2014 about a teenager who was reportedly kidnapped by her father, taken to Jordan and forced into an arranged marriage with one of her cousins who was in his 30s.

The female who made these claims is Nadia Tabbaa (pictured above, right), who is now 29 years of age, and went by the pseudonym Rania Farrah for the 60 Minutes story. Tabbah told reporter Liz Hayes (pictured above, left) that she did not escape until five years after she was kidnapped.

However, Tabbaas’ parents have filed a defamation lawsuit against Nine, with their representing barrister Clive Evatt telling a jury yesterday that her escape was “just nonsense”, according to Fairfax.

“We say all of this is pure fiction. Nothing of the kind ever took place,” Evatt said.

The hearing continues.


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