Puppo Creates Ads For Every Dog In NYC

Puppo Creates Ads For Every Dog In NYC

MARS Petcare brand, Puppo, collaborated with Colenso BBDO Auckland, to create a bespoke ad for every registered dog in New York City – over 100,000 of them.

Puppo is the first nutrition brand incubated by Kinship Labs, part of the Kinship coalition of businesses dedicated to the future of petcare.

The New York based pet nutrition company formulate and deliver personalized dog food for every dog, giving owners the ability to help address their dog’s unique health concerns via a bespoke diet.

Kinship President, Leonid Sudakov said: “Kinship is a one-of-a-kind collaboration platform to build the future of petcare, powered by a unique coalition of innovators and talent.

“At the core of Kinship is the desire to work together with our partners like Colenso BBDO, to deliver this transformational promise.

“The Puppo campaign reflects the essence of this ambition – an innovative partnership highlighting a product built to serve every single customer in a very personal way.”

While consumer brands traditionally employ mass marketing, Colenso BBDO saw an opportunity to play off the uniqueness of Puppo’s personalized service and product, mirroring their direct-to-consumer model in their communications.

Colenso BBDO creative director, Kimberley Ragan said: “We all love our dogs, and having your dog, with all his or her unique personality quirks, pigeon-holed into small, medium or large breed, isn’t always what’s best for the dog.

“Straying from the typical one-ad-for-100,000 consumers format, instead creating one ad for each of the 100,000+ dogs who live in New York City, allowed us to connect with owners in a more meaningful way, and help them find the right diet for their pup.”

Kinship Labs head, Winson Wong said: “Not only does this personalized approach reflect Puppo’s unique product promise, but it illustrates our genuine belief that every dog is special and deserves to be recognized as such.”

To bring this campaign to life, Colenso BBDO created an algorithm that extracted data from publicly available NYC Dog Licensing Data.

Along with a sophisticated modular copy and art direction system, it was able to generate a unique ad for every dog in New York City delivered through OOH placements bought through media buying platform, Milk Money and dynamic digital media platforms managed by Mediacom.

All dogs are individually addressed by their name and breed, while both copy and art direction spoke to the unique health benefits a Puppo diet could help address for each breed.

Dogs are targeted by OOH and digital in the areas they live so their owners can find their dog’s ad and receive 30 per cent off their first Puppo order.

At a time where connected online brands are finding their offline presence challenging, Puppo’s campaign demonstrates the flexibility that start-up companies and direct-to-consumer brands must possess in order to thrive, particularly as a new challenger to the market.

The campaign is OOH-led, and supported with targeted digital display.

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