PubMatic’s Video Series Reveals Crucial Insights From The Industry’s Best

  • Pubmatic 2022 - Daniel Tozer
  • Pubmatic 2022 - Olivia Henley
  • Pubmatic 2022 - Greg Cattelain
  • thumbnail_Pubmatic 2022 - Zac Selby
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PubMatic’s video series featured our industry’s best talking about everything from the future of programmatic to the future of digital advertising.

The series is a collection of incredible thoughts and predictions and it is all must watch and features Spark Foundry’s Greg Cattelain, PubMatic’s Brittany Lefave, Havas’ Daniel Tozer, Matterkind’s Olivia Henley and dentsu’s Zac Selby.

Each talked to the stuff they know best.

Lefave discussed how “Our customers want to control their own destinies, and it is critically important to facilitate this moving forward.”

Selby dug into how transparency will have a considerable impact in the programmatic sphere in 2022, as well as data.

“With third-party cookies going, transparency and how companies source data and meaningfully scale it is going to be of vital importance and a key topic of 2022,” he says.

Cattelain discussed that connected TV is not “emerging”, it’s already here, and it should be embraced as a scalable opportunity by advertisers.

Henley, is one of the more forward-thinking figures in this industry, having embraced PubMatic’s range of products and solutions in order to thrive in the new environment.

With so many changes around the bend, Henley says a renewed focus on SPO (supply path optimisation), particularly SPO transparency will have the most impact on the marketing-comms industry this year. But it’s not all numbers and clockwork. Henley says social movements in the sector will also bring about positive change.

Tozer revealed he believes there are three key programmatic changes set to impact the industry in both the short, and long term.

For Tozer, an increased push towards more progressive KPI’s will soon become commonplace, especially in the awareness phase for clients.


Each video provides incredible insights and is a must-watch.

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