Parents Fume At Apparent Sweary Minion Happy Meal Toy

Parents Fume At Apparent Sweary Minion Happy Meal Toy

Parents in the US are understandably not happy after a toy in a McDonald’s Happy Meal – a Minion from the recent Minions movie – reportedly said “I’ll de damned” and “what the f*ck?”

The toys have been handed out with burger meals to promote the latest film and parents have been taking to social media to voice their displeasure at the apparently crude little yellow fellows and their electronic potty mouths.

Check out one of the videos posted to You Tube and see if you can decipher the unsavoury language:

McDonald’s in the US has naturally denied that its toys are spewing out profanities and suggest, instead, it’s merely part of the undeciperhable Minonese language the little one-eyed blobs speak.

There has yet to be any known reports of vulgar Minions swearing from Aussie Kids’ Happy Meal boxes.

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