OzHarvest Highlights Massive Food Waste With Think.Eat.Save Campaign

OzHarvest Highlights Massive Food Waste With Think.Eat.Save Campaign

Aussie food rescue organisation OzHarvest is launching its Think.Eat.Save campaign with creative technology agency, Made with Ed, and communications and PR agency, Liquid Ideas.

Think.Eat.Save draws attention to our excessive levels of food waste. Australians throw out $8-10 billion of food every year. As a nation we waste four million tonnes per annum of food that ends up in landfill.

The nationwide campaign launches today – the eve of World Environment Day – at Parliament House in Canberra. OzHarvest is asking people to make an X by crossing cutlery or utensils as they’re cooking or eating. Then take a photo of their X and share it across social media with the hashtag #ThinkEatSave.

“Simply being mindful of our food choices can have a massive impact,” said Louise Tran, OzHarvest communications manager. “The ‘Think’ in Think.Eat.Save means taking a moment to consider and plan. To check the fridge before you go shopping rather than buying from habit, or reviewing best before dates – and using your senses instead!


“This is why a simple pledging action – like sharing an image – combined with periodic reminders and tips can start to create less wasteful eating behaviours,” said Tran.

“The X is to ask folks to pause and consider their food choices” said Made with Ed strategy director, David Bathur. “X is a sign to stop – that we’re heading in the wrong direction if we don’t consume mindfully.

“To share food saving tips we’ll be using a range of simple digital content ideas, such as Periscope live-streamed cooking classes from the OzHarvest pop-up café, harvested, in June and July,” said Bathur.

The look and feel of the campaign will utilise the iconic OzHarvest yellow and black branding created with love for OzHarvest by award-winning creative agency, Frost*Collective, under the guidance of Vince Frost and his team.

Liquid Ideas communications agency will support the campaign on public relations and media and have been working with OzHarvest for more than five years.


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