Oh No, Not Again! Kendall Jenner In New Ad Stinker For Adidas

Oh No, Not Again! Kendall Jenner In New Ad Stinker For Adidas

With the Pepsi fiasco still ringing in everyone’s ears, Kendall Jenner is now fronting a new and surprisingly edgy ad for sportswear giant adidas and already the hordes are lining up to pelt tomatoes.

The Instagram ad (which you can check out below) isn’t all that bad and is a decidedly edgier look for a brand who says it no longer makes TVCs; however, it’s the appearance of the over-exposed Kardashian that seems to have upset the masses.

Most of the complaints have been around a lack of imagination in choosing the 21-year-old, right through to claims an actual athlete would have been a more appropriate choice for a sportswear campaign. (Sister Kylie faced similar flak when she fronted Puma recently.)

Check out Kendall’s new adidas spot below:

See, we told you it wasn’t that bad (although we’d never seen smoking in a sportswear ad before!!!). However, social media is having none of it and the howls of protests are coming thick and fast.

One wrote: “Yall are idiots adidas. Jenners have more negatives with their name than positive. I aint buying ur brand until u drop her.”


“I won’t be buying Adidas ever again. I have been buying Adidas for over 20 years. Over this brand. Such a unoriginal campaign. Boring. Not original. Ironic.”

“The most unoriginal bitch in entire modeling world represents adidas originals.”

“How dull can you get. Kendull Jenner really? I don’t understand her appeal. Her family became famous from a sex tape.”


“Couldn’t you at least use an athlete? Nothing against her, but you already have Selena who isn’t athletic at all. Stay true to the brand, the ORIGINAL reason this company was started.”

“Now I’m not gonna order the new stan Smith’s because I hate these ppl and what they stand for…cmon adidas get .. I hope this ends like the Pepsi ad she did…Morons’ (sic).”


“Really hate when big brands do this are they that desperate to make a penny that they use models like this? Consider using people who actually contribute or make a difference to the world, people will then fell inspired by the brand not disgusted!”

“Aren’t there other models in the world who would have brought life and excitement to this commercial?’ the commenter continued. ‘Models who’s lives would have been changed if given the opportunity? Or because they’re parents aren’t well known celebs so they don’t count?!!’

“Long time supporter of adidas…. first Kanye west and now this?! STOP making stupid people famous.”


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