Non-Alcoholic Booze Brand Inks Deal With Sydney Uni

Non-Alcoholic Booze Brand Inks Deal With Sydney Uni

Non-alcoholic drinks brand Yes You Can today announced an exclusive partnership with the University of Sydney Union (USU) at Sydney University.

The partnership will see Yes You Can Drinks non-alcoholic cans on offer to all students throughout Welcome Fest and in all on-campus bars on an ongoing basis.

The news comes amid the rising rates of young Aussies cutting back on alcohol. Recent research has revealed that 70 per cent of Gen Z view binge drinking as a “very risky” activity and 41 per cent associate alcohol with “vulnerability”, “anxiety” and “abuse”.

Additionally, Gen Z places work and university performance above socialising when it comes to life priorities, with 20 per cent of university students estimated to be teetotal. A further 86 per cent of Gen Z feel mental health is just as important as their physical health when considering drinking.

A study by Drinkaware found that 26 per cent of 16 to 25 year olds did not drink at all.

Tyler Martin, co-founder, Yes You Can Drink says: “Now 10 years out of uni myself, it’s amazing to see such a dramatic shift in drinking culture – things have certainly changed for the better from when I was studying! I am sure my social life, mental and physical health, not to mention my grades would have significantly benefited from having a few less drinks while at uni, so I’m thrilled to see the USU placing great importance on the health and wellbeing of their students via this exclusive partnership.”

Ben Pinney, head of hospitality operations, USU, added: “As someone responsible for the food and beverage options available on campus, I recognise the growing need to provide students and staff with the right choices. And with societal changes and a clear trend towards healthier living, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Yes You Can. Our students will be able to not only enjoy a delicious drink they will be able to party responsibly! Yes You Can Drinks does not preach sobriety but instead offers an option of global award winning alcohol free cocktails for your day off, week off, month off or even between alcoholic drinks.”

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