NFTs Are Coming To Instagram Says Zuckerberg

NFTs Are Coming To Instagram Says Zuckerberg

“We’re working on bringing NFTs to Instagram in the near term”, said the Meta company ceo on Tuesday.

NFTs are here to stay, whether we want them to or not. Further proof of that are Meta company CEO Mark Zuckerburg’s statements during the South by Southwest Conference (or SXSW, as it’s more commonly known) that soon there’ll be a feature available on Instagram for users to display them onto their profile. In fact, according to Zuckerberg, this feature will be made available on the “short term”.

The Meta CEO pointed out: “I’m not ready to kind of announce exactly what that’s going to be today. But over the next several months, the ability to bring some of your NFTs in [will be added, and], hopefully over time be able to mint things within that environment.”

He went on to explain that NFTs will eventually play an integral part in the whole metaverse environment that is being created by Meta: “I would hope that you know, the clothing that your avatar is wearing in the metaverse, you know, can be basically minted as an NFT and you can take it between your different places.” Yet he stressed that the company still needs to clear out a number of “technical things” before those features can become available to the public.

Many companies have expressed interest in the use of NFTs and the metaverse through their marketing plans as a way of keeping in touch with their clients, yet there have equally as many voices of opposition against the creation of NFT, with many people pointing out that it takes an enormous amount of energy to mint just one of them.

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