News Corp Unites Women’s Lifestyle Brands Under ‘With Her in Mind Network’

News Corp Unites Women’s Lifestyle Brands Under ‘With Her in Mind Network’

News Corp Australia’s chief digital officer Nicole Sheffield today announced that the company has united its women’s lifestyle brands under the With Her in Mind Network (WHIMN).

The publisher claims it will make it the largest digital women’s network in the country reaching a unique audience of 1.954 million.

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WHIMN brings together the collective strengths of category leading parenting site; category leading health site; and the recently launched, targeting women as individuals with positive and empowering content.

WHIMN combines the audience power of these trusted brands and offers clients the seamless ability to reach this mass Australian women’s digital audience.

Sheffield said: “We’re six months in to our women’s network strategy being live and it has been incredibly successful, which is why it was the right time for all of the sites to come together under WHIMN. We’ve officially measured our women’s network audience since August and we are a clear number one. These results are a reflection of both our premium content offering and our cohesive product strategy.

“We connect digitally with more women at any stage of their day or life, through trusted brands and communities. Bringing together our ecosystem of brands just makes sense. It simplifies our commercial offering and enables brands to align themselves with female content where they can more closely connect with their consumers at scale. With a collective trading position WHIMN allows us to be even more competitive.”

WHIMN’s general manager Melissa Overman said: “We know that our mass audience and mass reach requires connection. What makes us different is our mission and approach. There is not a one size fits all when it comes to women. Each of our editors take a personal approach to their communication by crafting their content, campaigns, video, audio, social and commercial offerings to be relevant to their audience.

“Through editorial instinct and live insights our 24/7 women’s network newsroom responds to our audiences individual needs and tailors messages to them. Because you have to offer women, especially millennial women, who we know are time poor and socially savvy, real value through content they can turn to and trust, which is incredibly powerful.”

Commercially, WHIMN offers a diverse suite of innovative marketing products that are aligned with the sites’ editorial strategies and support the evolving market shifts and demands. From WHIMN’s native network and social video product suite to podcasts, video and targeted sampling opportunities.

News DNA’s general manager of commercial integration Ainslee O’Brien said: “We have developed dynamic commercial opportunities that are unique to our women’s network. 

“I’m particularly excited about our new WHIMN Eclipse where we have created an opportunity for clients to buy all commercial real estate across our women’s network for a full day – on both desktop and mobile. Daily Content Ratings now allow us to trade on a day-by-day basis and given we have the largest, addressable, female digital audience in the country, this is great for brand or product launches and key retail periods.”

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