News Corp Celebrates 10 Years Of 1 Degree Initiative

News Corp Celebrates 10 Years Of 1 Degree Initiative

News Corp Australia is celebrating the 10th anniversary of 1 Degree – the company’s environmental sustainability initiative – with an innovative campaign engaging employees, business partners, advertisers and suppliers to take small steps to make one degree of difference for the environment.

News Corp ran a sustainability showcase in Sydney this week to celebrate, featuring pop-up shops, expos, activities, workshops and keynote presentations from Circular Economy Australia founder and program director Candice Quartermain, and Planet Ark CEO Paul Klymenko.

BMW showcased their i8 electric sports cars, with the opportunity to win one for the week. Staff were encouraged to bring their children into the office to enjoy Taronga Zoo’s zoomobile, and the marketplace featured pop-up shops from a number of sustainability brands, including Upcycle Studio, Tread and Pedals, iBark, the Elephant Emporium, BMW, Source Wholefoods, Chargepoint, Maxxia, MobileMuster, Cornersmith, Bikenblend, and Planet Ark.

Furhtermore, 1 Degree branding and messaging has overtaken all screens, lift monitors and billboards across News Corp.

Ten thousand copies of a special edition 10th anniversary newspaper, printed with sustainably grown and regrown certified pine and recycled fibres, have been distributed nationally, celebrating the achievements of 1 Degree over the last 10 years.

Staff are encouraged to enjoy the newspaper, then recycle it.

News Corp Australia employees are also invited to write in with something small they could do in 10 minutes that would add up to a big change for the environment. The winner will receive a $1,000 Qantas travel voucher and Gold Status Frequent Flyer upgrade.

Michael Miller, executive chairman of News Corp Australasia, said: “The philosophy of taking small steps for significant change is how our business achieved a carbon footprint reduction of 39 per cent, which is the equivalent of taking 14,865 cars off the road or charging 21.8 million iPhones every day.

“Our sustainable paper and printing program is a recycling success story. We have achieved zero waste at all major print centres around the country. That is over 98 per cent diversion from landfill.

“I’m extremely proud of everything we’ve achieved in the last 10 years with 1 Degree. Our environmental credentials are an important part of our company’s DNA. It’s critical to who we are and what we stand for.”

Dr Tony Wilkins, head of environment at News Corp Australia, said: “A significant part of 1 Degree is our engagement program with partners, suppliers and the community to advance environmental outcomes beyond News Corp Australia.

“The success of 1 Degree’s philosophy remains true today, and is evident in the many and varied steps we have taken individually and collectively to help News Corp Australia achieve outstanding results over the past 10 years.”

Photo (L-R): Michael Wilkins, Kerry Humphries, Michael Miller, Tony Wilkins, and Stephanie Fett.

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