New Solutions Consultancy Connects Marketing Dots, Takes Data To Next Level

New Solutions Consultancy Connects Marketing Dots, Takes Data To Next Level

The age of intelligent machines is upon us. Well, at least that’s the sentiments driving the newest industry initiative, Beyond Intent. The solutions consultancy is the new kid on the block, and believes the answer to your problem is not more tech.

Beyond Intent was founded on the basis that current demographics provided to marketers are not enough to capture a consumer’s intent and attention. In fact, there is much more to data and insights than just impressions, clicks, likes, shares, and screen time.

Beyond Intent’s aim is to provide a deeper understanding of consumers in the wake of programmable media, AI and automation.

Aryeh Sternberg: LinkedIn

Aryeh Sternberg: LinkedIn

Beyond Intent hopes to drill into the following insights and data:

  • Consumer interests and values
  • Cross-media content and context measures
  • Online to offline and narrative attribution
  • Mixed reality behaviour metrics
  • Purchase propensity
  • Emotional engagement
  • Precognitive decisioning

“Data informs the strategy, which defines the right actions, which is enabled by select technology, which facilitates the actions, which delivers the outcome-based results,” said founder Aryeh Sternberg.

Sternberg has a strong history in this industry, having been CEO and co-founder of PrimeVariable for 17 years, and most recently head of intent at DWA Media. Prior to this, he was News Corp’s ad tech innovation manager.

Sternberg believes, “Traditional communication channels are typically one way with poor measurement of actual consumption and engagement by consumers.

“As we move ahead and media consumption becomes more personalized and available across all devices, digital marketing and engagement will only become more diverging and require more attention.

“It’s our roles as marketers to help our clients make sense of the ever-growing opportunities in the digital space.”

Utilising the strategy of D*STAR, which stands for Data, Strategy, Tech, Actions, and Results, Sternberg and his team, including co-founder Brett Levy, hope to fill in the gaps in consumer insight for marketers.

“Data is the starting point of every Beyond Intent interaction,” claimed Sternberg, adding that it’s essential to ask the right questions of data to reveal the right values.

“Asking the right questions of the data reveals answers to power the right strategy, which is plugged into selective powerful technology that power precision-targeted actions, resulting in outcomes that equate to measurable success for the client.”

Levy added, ”Due to a desire to go beyond the obvious data and that which is readily available we use D*STAR, our uniquely developed offering, which incorporates the most up to data and latest Data, Strategy and Technology to deliver Actions and Results for our clients so they can make data decisive decisions.”

Sternberg broke down the Beyond Intent offering into nine key points:

  1. Full-funnel intent strategy and execution
  2. Ad-tech and mar-tech consultancy
  3. Holistic data collection and analysis
  4. Fit matching
  5. Data-driven decisioning
  6. Creative and content testing
  7. Narrative attribution
  8. IoT and mixed/virtual reality
  9. Neuromarketing and precognitive research.

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