The Netherlands Speak ‘Trump’ In Hilarious Parody Welcome Video

The Netherlands Speak ‘Trump’ In Hilarious Parody Welcome Video

When the whole world is gravely concerned for about how screwed we are now that Donald Trump is in the White House, a satirical news show in The Netherlands has offered up a hilarious welcome video for the new President.

The program, Zondag met Lubach (Sunday with Lubach), hosted by Arjen Lubach, narrates an introduction to The Netherlands in what can only be called ‘Trump-speak’, and yes that also involves his ‘yuge’ and ‘fantastic’ vocabulary.


While there are plenty of jabs at Trump and his policies, the clip also pokes some fun at The Netherlands itself (not to mention the Spanish, Danish, Germans and a few others).

The clip covers everything from the nation “building” an ocean to protect themselves from Mexico, and an opportunity to mock one of their politicians, who happens to have a disability.

But most importantly, while they’re happy to leave Trump with his policy of ‘American First’, they offered a suggestion to make ‘The Netherlands Second’.

Check it out here:

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