MYOB And Thoughtworks Partner To Enrich The Development Of New Talent

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ANZ business management platform MYOB, and global technology consultancy Thoughtworks have partnered to help solve the technology industry’s biggest challenge: sourcing talent to design and deliver software product solutions.

The new program will see both organisations focusing on providing emerging talent with valuable mentoring opportunities and real-world, operational experiences as they begin their tech careers.

While COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation across the economy and opened new channels for business growth, Australia’s technology skills shortage threatens the potential for businesses to evolve. According to the 2021 ACS Digital Pulse Report, an estimated 60,000 more IT workers will be needed each year over the next five years, while in 2019 only 7,000 students graduated with an IT degree, and Australian employers will demand over 520,000 more qualified ICT staff in 2026 compared to 2019.

The unique MYOB and Thoughtworks collaboration addresses the capability gap that exists between graduate training and the practical skills companies are looking for to help meet the growing demand within technology teams.

Initially, the program will bring together 12 MYOB graduates and/or career switchers (‘MYOB Protégés’) and 12 junior Thoughtworks consultants. This cohort will be led by a team of senior consultants from both organisations as they take on product delivery work that is designed to deliver customer value. The program will facilitate ongoing training that draws on Thoughtworks’ deep expertise and experience in critical areas such as modern software development.

According to Kristan Vingrys, managing director of Thoughtworks Australia and New Zealand, “This initiative demonstrates how we actively collaborate with customers to deliver outcomes that make a difference to the world. We are so excited to work with MYOB to bring our shared expertise to this program and help the next generation of tech talent accelerate their learning – and deliver great results for customers in the process.”

“The severity of the shortage will impact every corner of Australian business so it’s every organisation’s responsibility to contribute towards a solution. It’s clear we need to think differently about how we recruit and invest in people – it’s about building energy and passion as much as we need to build capabilities and that demands a new approach to how we engage people,” Vingrys said.

MYOB Chief Product and Technology Officer Darren Smith believes the initiative is a positive way for the local technology community to contribute solutions to the talent shortage.

“Australia is competing with talent on a global scale and it’s critical that all organisations consider the role they can play in helping grow our talent pool. This program is one of several ways we’re seeking to nurture a new generation of talent. It’s rewarding to see our more experienced team members impart years of wisdom and insights to help build an exciting new community of future technologists who will be a critical part in taking businesses like ours into the future,” Smith said.

MYOB Protégé Developer Tiffany Hoang will be one of the first cohort of the MYOB and Thoughtworks collaboration, and says the chance to enhance the skills gained through MYOB’s Future Makers Academy was a huge opportunity.

“MYOB’s Future Makers Academy has allowed me to accelerate my experience beyond what I could have imagined at this stage of my career. The ability to combine best practices in the way we deliver software, while being conscious of areas for growth, has been so far a wonderful experience. This new opportunity to collaborate with Thoughtworks Graduates, along with my fellow MYOB Protégé Developers, adds even more to the value of the program,” said Hoang.

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