Mother’s Day Special: The Brands Aussie Mums Are Engaging With Online

Mother’s Day Special: The Brands Aussie Mums Are Engaging With Online

Wondering about what to get mum for Mother’s Day? Well, BrandData CEO Georgie Summerhayes (pictured below) has crunched, well, the data to find out what really excites the mums of Australia (and, surprisingly, it’s not snot and baby wipes)…

Once a year, they’re served breakfast in bed. The rest of the year, they’re running around like the proverbial blue-arsed fly.


But in the precious little bits of me-time that they have – which are increasingly being spent online – what brands are Mums engaging with?

You’ll be relieved to hear they are not thinking about nappies all day. The average engagement in BrandData’s Nappies & Wipes category is just 1.6 per cent per day for Facebook and 1.4 per cent for Twitter. (The top brand is Huggies).

Daycare is also of little interest – well hey, the whole point of the exercise is to stick the kids in there and forget about them – with brands in this category engaging about 1.2 per cent of their fans on Facebook per day.

So who are Mums engaging with? The answer is very simple – other Mums. BrandData’s Parenting/Family Influencers category features some of the most highly-engaged audiences in Australia.

For example, the leader in this category – a magaziney brand called Stay At Home Mum – has almost 300,000 Facebook fans, over five per cent of whom are engaging every day, joining discussions like “how to dress for school drop-off” and the plaintive “Does any mum ever sit down to have breakfast in the mornings, ever?”

Among the individual ‘Momfluencers’, the Alpha Female is Fat Mum Slim, with almost 100,000 Instagram followers and 45,000 Facebook fans. The Young Mummy, School Mum, Be A Fun Mum and Paging Fun Mums are other influencers getting such high engagement, you have to wonder whether brands who target Mums would be better off simply partnering with one of these fine ladies, rather than trying to do their own thing.

The other ‘Mum’ categories that are doing well include Weightloss (average daily engagement 2.5 per cent), Fashion Stylists (3.35 per cent), and Skin & Bodycare (4.5 per cent) which is more than we can say for Nutrition (.81 per cent) and Supermarkets (.54 per cent).

So that’s the summary. Mum wants to look good, feel good and share with other Mums, and she doesn’t want to talk about nappies or baby wipes. Crikey, she sounds almost more like a real person than an advertising construct…

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