Campaign: Mortgage Choice Happy as a Pig in…

Campaign: Mortgage Choice Happy as a Pig in…

Mortgage Choice has unveiled a new marketing campaign that not only focuses on the company’s transition into a full financial services hub, but also officially launches the new brand.

“Our new ‘Happy As’ campaign allows the business to highlight what we do and why we do it,” said Mortgage Choice’s general manager of marketing Melissa McCarney.

“With our recent move into financial planning, we believe it is the perfect time to communicate to all Australians that we now do much more than we used to. Today we are more than a mortgage broker, we are a fully fledged financial services hub. To highlight this transition, we decided to give our entire brand a refresh, and this new advertising campaign is just an extension of that.”

McCarney said Mortgage Choice had appointed brand strategy specialists Moon Group to help the company build and integrate a new brand strategy that successfully communicates Mortgage Choice’s purpose.

“We wanted to create a new brand, logo and advertising campaign that all Australians could relate to – a brand that successfully communicates who we are, what we do and what we believe in,” she said.

According to McCarney, the new advertising campaign builds on the company’s previous ‘Know the Feeling’ campaign and focuses on how Mortgage Choice can help customers build rich lives by offering them the freedom to focus on what makes them happy.

“The new campaign allows us to not only celebrate our services, but how those services can help our customers achieve happiness. We believe the services we provide at Mortgage Choice allow our customers to achieve their financial goals and therefore feel ‘Happy As’,” she said.

“As part of the new advertising campaign, we have focused in on the ‘Happy As’ feeling because that is how we want our customers to feel when they have the right financial plan in place to let them get on with the important business of being happy.”

According to McCarney, the new campaign uses well-known sayings brought to life with a bit of humour to communicate the feeling of being ‘Happy As’.

“We wanted the new advertising campaign to be completely different from traditional financial services advertising. At Mortgage Choice, we believe we have some key differentiators that separate us from other financial services businesses,” she said.

“At Mortgage Choice, we offer a choice of home loan and financial services products coupled with expert advice to help customers choose the right product for them. At the end of the day, the only choice that matters to us is the one that is right for the customer, and we are determined to communicate that to all Australians.”

McCarney said the new advertising campaign would run across all channels including television, print and radio, with the first instalment of television advertisements airing Sunday 7th September.

Moving forward, Ms McCarney said the company had big plans for the ‘Happy As’ campaign and would make sure the messaging was reinforced in a consistent way across various mediums – from social media to public relations and television advertising.

“The mortgage market is booming at the moment and we believe this new campaign will allow us to connect with Australians so we can help them live the life they want, while also growing our business,” she said.

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