Monday TV Wrap: The Block Is Triumphant While HYBPA? Shoots And Scores

Monday TV Wrap: The Block Is Triumphant While HYBPA? Shoots And Scores

Monday night’s Have You Been Paying Attention? rose to impressive heights, securing a second place spot in the entertainment ratings and netting 731,000 viewers (as per OzTAM’s metro data).

Last night’s ep featured Anne Edmonds, Luke McGregor, Celia Pacquola, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee as guests, and 10’s current queen Dannii Minogue (who also happens to judge The Masked Singer).

Speaking of The Masked Singer, Monday night’s reveal was of the terrifying, kaiju-esque rainbow pinata. The person inside was revealed to be rugby star Lote Tuqiri, like a modern day retelling of the Trojan Horse.

Tuqiri performed LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, emulating the sweet sounds of school bus trips in 2011.

The reveal had 703,000 viewers, while the rest of the episode averaged 567,000 viewers.

Topping the entertainment charts, though, was once again The Block. After a shaky start, the program has confidently consolidated itself as the king of weeknight entertainment. Monday’s ep had 812,000 viewers.

On top of the night overall was Seven News with 1,162,000 viewers, while Nine News had 1,032,000 viewers, ABC News had 784,000 and A Current Affair had 729,000.

Also in entertainment was Seven’s SAS Australia, which had 620,000 viewers. Last night’s episode managed to show two equally upsetting things: Pete Murray’s elbow getting dislocated in a boxing match, and the emptying of a communal toilet bucket. There’s a sentence that will hopefully never, ever have to be typed again.

Murray ended up having to leave the competition due to his injury: thankfully, there are better days ahead.

Also on Seven was Home and Away which had 627,000 viewers and The Chase with 593,000.

Over at the ABC, 7.30 had 659,000, Australian Story had 523,000, Four Corners had 487,000 and Media Watch had 450,000.

For 10, The Project had 516,000 viewers while 10 News First had 377,000.

Finally, on Nine, Hot Seat had 486,000 viewers.

The Nine Network won the night with 27.6 per cent of the daily share. Next was the Seven Network, which had 25.5 per cent, followed by Network 10 at 22.0 per cent.

In fourth was the ABC TV Network at 17.5 per cent, while the SBS Network had 7.4 per cent.

Looking now to OzTAM’s Total TV report for Monday September 13th, Seven News was top overall with a total TV audience of 1, 918,000 viewers (metro: 1,195,000, regional: 681,000, BVOD: 39,000).

Next was Nine News with a total audience of 1,465,000 (metro: 1,041,000, regional: 378,000, BVOD: 40,000), while in third was The Block with 1,459,000 viewers (metro; 863,000, regional: 332,000, BVOD: 197, 000).

The  program with the highest lift on overnight was Seven’s Australian Gangster at 46 per cent. It’s total TV viewership was 743,000 (metro: 329,000, regional: 151,000, BVOD:143,000).

The launch of SAS Australia also had a significant lift on overnight at 36 per cent, bringing it to a total audience of 1,315,000 (metro: 647,000, regional: 317,000, BVOD: 212,000).


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