Feminist Fashion Label MOGA Creates Turban Made From Raw Meat

Feminist Fashion Label MOGA Creates Turban Made From Raw Meat

MOGA’s ‘More than Meat,’ campaign is a photo series that aims to challenge the rampant objectification of women that is occurring across digital and social media today.

Referencing the iconic meat dress worn by Lady Gaga, we have taken this look and given it a ‘cultural revamp,’ by creating the first ever turban made entirely out of raw meat. With this visual, we would like to challenge the viewer to look past the obvious and see the human being that is right in front of them.

As a modest fashion label that designs bold and colourful scarves, we were shocked to read some of the derogatory and misogynistic comments online that were directed at the women in our advertising. We often choose not to use models, but everyday people in the majority of our photos.


As such, we were disappointed to read some of the demeaning language on social media and fashion blogs that weren’t directed at our product, but instead, the girls appearances such as the their bodies, ethnicities and facial features.

This campaign aims to remind audiences that women are not just flesh and bones that can be torn apart like a piece of meat, but are real people with real emotions and how they look and what they wear is not an invitation for disrespect.

The ‘More than Meat,’ photo series has been accompanied by a powerful opinion piece that explores this notion in greater detail. To view this content, please click here.

Creative Director: Azahn Munas
Model: Keisha Foenander
Photographer: Michaela Barca
Designer: Brigid Green
Makeup Artist: Ricky Bauer

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