Modibodi’s Marketing Starts A Larger Conversation

Modibodi’s Marketing Starts A Larger Conversation

Modibodi is a brand that gears its marketing around representing and connecting with women. In its latest campaign, ”Embodied.” the brand beautifully and unflinchingly showcases women’s bodies postpartum.

Modibodi creates underwear for people that are bleeding or leaking, offering a solution. While such a practical product might seem like it would lead to bland or practical marketing, Modibodi has taken a different approach.

The brand rallies against social norms, looks to break down stigmas and as a result – its marketing constantly ignites conversations.

The campaign “Embodied” is simple enough. It features beautiful images of women postpartum, except it doesn’t gloss over the realities of a women’s body after giving birth – the photos include stretch marks, scars and non-flat stomachs – you know – a women’s body.

It shouldn’t be abnormal but it is in our airbrushed society. After all, we are in a world where unrealistic post-baby bodies are treated as social media currency.

Liana Lorenzato, CMO of Modibodi, said: “Embodied is also a campaign we are very proud of. As a mother, to see all facets of postpartum in a complete library is amazing and shows women across the world that each person’s postpartum journey is different.

“We want women to feel prepared, seen, understood and proud of their postpartum journey – whatever it looks like.

“By showing unfiltered images which acknowledge the tough times and the triumphs of this significant stage of motherhood we hope people who now search post-partum via the Getty Images library can feel represented.”

This is why the “Embodied” campaign cuts through and has generated buzz online. It’s showcasing a reality and not trying to sell consumers a fantasy. Modibodi isn’t going to ‘fix’ your body postpartum body, instead, it’ll offer practical relief and support.


Of course, this accurate depiction of women isn’t new for the brand. Modibodi always gears its marketing around representing all types of bodies, rather than just focusing and fetishising one particular type. It’s an unflinching approach and originally the brand was told, in the early days, that it wouldn’t work.

They were told to go for glamour and aspirational over real and authentic.

Lorenzato said: “When we first began marketing Modibodi, we were repeatedly told we’d need super glamorous ‘perfect’ models to make supposed unmentionable topics like menstruation and incontinence tolerable to women and the media.

“Our founder and CEO, Kristy Chong would ensure we did not conform to this. We refused to believe this was the only way we could have a presence in the market and from day one we’ve sourced customers and everyday women from diverse backgrounds to help showcase our products.”

It’s the refusal that has paid off.


We now make every day undies! Comfy as. #undies #modibodi

♬ original sound – Modibodi

The brand has tapped into a key market, everyday people that need a practical solution to very human issues.

This has allowed Modibodi to create a community around leakproof underwear. Currently, Modibodi has over 180,000 thousand followers on Instagram and it uses a slew of influencers that all depict Modibodi in their own unique way.

By staying away from the airbrushed and focusing on the real the brand has built a loyal following. While this may seem normal now, it wasn’t when Modibodi began its marketing journey.

Lorenzato explained: “Engagement is key. We connect with our customers through multiple platforms daily to converse, listen, inspire, inform and educate.

“Our customer feedback is vital to the development of our products and the fundamentals of our business. Our closed group is a truly rich experience, we love that we can have a two-way conversation with our customers and fans of Modibodi across all of our categories.”

The two-way conversation has seen the brand morph into a community and has changed the way women talk about their bodily functions and periods.

The fact that influencers are now candidly discussing leaking says a lot about the power of Modibodi. They’ve bought their brand into the conversation and made women feel seen and represented!

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