Mobile Marketing? Here’s How To Beat Those Bounce Rates

Mobile Marketing? Here’s How To Beat Those Bounce Rates

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If time spent on your site is lower around lunchtime, it may be that your content is too lightweight for office-based visitors using a sturdy wireless network and looking for in-depth information.


Today’s marketer has to face the reality that bounce rates on mobile devices are often higher than they are on desktop PCs.

It’s a frustrating and inescapable fact of life, but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

With the right data, you can determine why visitors are bouncing and take steps to remedy the situation.

Netbiscuits can provide you with that data, enabling you to optimize your content and increase page views, time spent on site, conversion rates and, crucially, the return on your marketing investment.

Different visitors will bounce for different reasons – this is where our ability to overlay segmented personas on bounce rate data really shines through.

Mobile phones are with their owners all day every day, but the user’s context can vary dramatically. Our smart dashboards will show you bounce rates around the clock, to help you understand how context impacts your site.

For example, a visitor who bounces in the early morning may be a commuter using 3G services to browse your site. Long-form content or high-definition video simply isn’t going to suit their situation, causing them to drop off.

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