Microsoft Matches Google In Advertising Offering, Introduces Ad Customisers

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Microsoft has announced ad customisers will now be available in Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads), bringing the company up to pace with Google.

Ad customisers – which allow advertisers to dynamically tailor ad copy based on defined attributes – have been available on Google for several years now.

“The possibilities with ad customisers are endless since you can surface any text you’d like,” said the company in a statement.

“You can change ads based on an array of targeting options within the feed, including, but not restricted to, location, audience lists, device, search queries, time of day and others.”

And now Microsoft has arrived on the scene, introducing an offering that includes features Google does not (yet) provide.

Microsoft Advertising allows users to customise their ads based on audience, a feature currently unavailable on Google.

This could be used to provide better deals to those customers who have already shown an interest in a product or service, says Microsoft.

Users are also provided with the ability to import their ad customisers from Google if they already have them, using the Google Import tool.

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