Meet The Winner Of General Assembly’s Course Scholarship, Plus Receive $2,000 Tuition Credit!

Meet The Winner Of General Assembly’s Course Scholarship, Plus Receive $2,000 Tuition Credit!

ICYMI, we held a pretty kick-ass event back in March called B&T Bootcamp, where young talent came for a day filled with speed-mentoring and masterclasses. Our condolences if you missed out.

One of our lovely sponsors for the event were none other than General Assembly (GA), a global education startup that helps people move into the modern economy with a suite of intensive programs focused on coding, digital marketing, and UX design. Ryan Meyer, the Asia-Pacific director at General Assembly, was also one of our captivating mentors during the day!

To celebrate, General Assembly decided to give away a scholarship to its full-time Digital Marketing Immersive course, worth a whopping $13,500.

And the lucky winner was Sasha Elias from Adrenalin Media! She’ll be doing the course from Melbourne, and is super excited about the course. So excited she’s told us all about it!

But before you read all about Sasha, B&T have partnered up with global tech school General Assembly to support professionals who want to enter the growing field of Digital Marketing!

This means you can transform your career in 10 weeks – with the help of a $2,000 tuition credit towards General Assembly’s full-time Digital Marketing Immersive Program, launching 18th June, which you can now apply for here!

The Digital Marketing Immersive program will give you the skills to become a brand-building, audience-growing, revenue-driving marketer. During the course, you’ll cover the full spectrum of practical skills needed to create powerful, data-driven campaigns in the digital age – taught by industry professionals.

And one of the best parts? You’ll get dedicated career coaching and networking support from day one at GA to translate your skills into a new career.

But don’t take our word for it. Let Sasha convince you why this is a great idea…

Which elements of the course are you most excited about?

Not to sound nerdy, but I am most excited about the programmatic and Marketing Technology focused topics from the syllabus. I think it’s really important in the position I am in to have these skills and in-depth knowledge on how to use these tools, especially to be promoted into another role. GA has a whole topic dedicated to educating us on tools such as Google Data Studio to break down and further understand data to go on and construct a successful digital marketing plan and campaign. I’m also looking forward to the coding subjects as this will really deepen my knowledge of SEO and website conversion rates. To be honest, every element of the course sounds dynamic and interesting – I’m looking forward to the challenge!

How do you think the course will help you succeed in the future?

I KNOW the course will help me succeed in the future! To have an amazing education facility dedicate such a detailed, in-depth course to digital marketing means there will be next to no knowledge gaps when it comes to digital media and planning for clients or when applying for future roles. On that note, the course will also broaden my opportunities for more specialised roles within digital marketing. The end goal is to ideally become a freelance consultant and travel – this course will definitely help propel me in this direction! Once I get there, this is when I know the course will be a true success.

How did you get to your current role?

I was in recruitment previous to my current position at Adrenalin. I was in client relations for a digital agency and we had many media agency clients. I realised that instead of recruiting for agencies and projects, I wanted to work on the marketing and advertising projects themselves. I wanted to be more involved with the creative and strategic aspect of digital marketing and the deliverables. That’s when I approached Adrenalin for an Account Exec role they had open. After a few interviews and a personality test, I got the job!

What inspires you as a young women in the industry?

What inspires me is the digital industry itself. I believe this industry is still in its early days and so much is possible and achievable for young people or newcomers that are in the midst of a career change. New technologies are emerging every day and as young woman in the industry, I know I can quickly become an expert in whatever I choose if I work hard – it’s anyone’s game! No matter your age or experience – given the dynamic, fast natured pace of the industry – you can be at the top of whatever you’re interested in if you’re dedicated.

What was the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t interrupt. Listen. Even if you think you know the answer or have a valuable/better opinion, people still want to be heard. People like being listened to and taking about themselves so give them that option. If the speaker walks away learning nothing about you, but you know everything about them, it shows you were interested – you will be respected for that.

What’s your proudest professional moment?

I’m still quite early in my career, but my proudest moment would be getting a thank you/appreciation email from a mother I placed into a role I was recruiting for. She explained the positive impact the new position had on her life. It was not expected and even though it was my job at the time, it’s was beautiful to see the effect it had on a candidate’s future.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learnt in or out of the workforce?

I am quite competitive and I’ve learnt that you must be successful quietly.

Actions speak louder than words both in your personal life and professionally – it’s a humbling (and embarrassing) experience when you don’t live up to your own words!

If you were a CEO what would you do differently?

It may sound strange, but I’d want to become more of a friend to my employees, rather than a figure. You’d gain a better understanding of the office dynamics as people would feel more open to talk to you. I also feel as if your employees would want to work harder for you, given the great rapport you’ve built up with the team.

Find out more about the GA course right here and receive $2,000 tuition credit!

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