Meet The Women Leading Tech: Canva Group Engineering Lead Paulwyn Devasundaram

Meet The Women Leading Tech: Canva Group Engineering Lead Paulwyn Devasundaram

As a technology leader at software company Canva, Paulwyn Devasundaram helps create better solutions and foster a stronger industry for female technologists.

One of her major achievements in 2019 was the implementation of a a new user-payments solution.

The previous solution was not compatible with some popular payment methods in global markets, including much of South America, which led to a high number of unsuccessful transactions.

Devasundaram not only identified Ayden as a potential payment solution for these markets, but also designed the technical architecture and blueprint for rolling out this new solution for Canva.

Also last year, Devasundaram helped launch Canva’s affiliate marketing referral service.

This allowed design and education influencers to earn a commission when they successfully refer Canva to new users.

Using her skills in Java, databases, business architecture and software performance, she collaborated with product managers to create and design the engineering architecture, and drove its implementation.

The product is now live.

As well as her extensive work creating products for Canva, Devasundaram also works tirelessly on programs within the company.

She has developed an internal education programme at Canva to help women developers obtain leadership positions.

Acting as the technical lead on this project, she has imparted her extensive knowledge to help women engineers grow their careers, by working with Canva’s internal coaches to launch a programme on improving technical skills, business acumen and confidence.

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