Meet Australia’s Women On Media – A B&T Work In Progress

Meet Australia’s Women On Media – A B&T Work In Progress

Working hard on our 2018 Women in Media Power List, B&T realised there’s another list we need to compile, and that’s the women on our media.

While we’re all about everyone in advertising, marketing and media, compiling our power list always throws up the debate of whether we should focus more on women with public media personas or those working in a more behind the scenes capacity. And of course there’s the hybrids who keep a foot in both camps.

So just for the fun of it, we decided to compile a list of Women On Media, be it print, online (is there now a difference?), radio and TV. It won’t be long and no doubt the socials will be here too. Or is that another list entirely we ask?

Making this list, we realised it could get big very quickly, and call it astute time management or just plain laziness, we stopped at 50 and are now throwing it over to you, dear readers.

So, check out our initial 50 below, add in extras below in the comments section and let’s see where this list ends up. If it proves popular, we may even rope it into our Women in Media announcements of a top 30, but let’s just see what happens first.

Of course don’t forget we’re still taking suggestions (and there’s been some beauties!) for our overall 2018 Women in Media Power List, so if you haven’r checked it out do so now or forever grumble your fave was left off.

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  • Rochelle Burbury 2 years ago

    How about Katrina Strickland, the Editor of Good Weekend? In her previous role as Editor of the AFR Magazine – she won magazine of the year for 4 consecutive years!

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