McDonald’s Goes Anime In Latest Recruitment Drive

McDonald’s Goes Anime In Latest Recruitment Drive

Struggling to find enough young Millennial burger flippers, McDonald’s in Japan has released a new Anime ad in an attempt to boost recruitment.

Apparently the burger chain simply can’t find enough young, part-time workers and so decided on the time-honoured Japanese tradition of Anime to see if it could do the trick.

The “Join the Crew” campaign features a new crew member called Sumire and was voiced by local girl group AKB48. A number of versions of the ad have been made for each region of the country.

The ad shows Sumire start from bumbling crew member to her journey to becoming less bumbling. As yet they have been no reports if the social media campaign has sent young Japanese Ys rushing to the Macca’s recruitment office.

The ad follows on from another bizarre campaign out of Taiwan last week that showed a young man coming out to his father at a McCafe.


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