Marketing Has Irrevocably Changed As The Product IS The Marketing, Says Adobe CEO

Marketing Has Irrevocably Changed As The Product IS The Marketing, Says Adobe CEO

The migration of internet usage from desktops to a plethora of new devices has ushered in a massive sea change in the relationship that brands have with customers, according to Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen.

Narayen was speaking yesterday at the Adobe Symposium in Sydney to an audience of 1500 CMOs, technology execs, and company leaders.The growth in Adobe’s local Symposium, up from 300 people just three years ago to five times that amount today is emblematic of the rise of digital marketing in recent years.Some descriptionAlong with the shift in platforms Narayen said that companies also needed to understand that in an era of customer experience primacy, the product is now also the marketing.

“Traditionally as a marketer the company gave you a product and your job was to market it. The questions we thought about were ‘how do I position this?’ ‘What’s the brand message,’ or ‘How do I allocate my media spend?‘. But the new question really is, ‘are we thinking broadly enough about the product?’

“How can I bring the power of digital marketing not just into marketing a product but also to the creation of the product.”

He said this was something that many companies in travel and retail had realised for some time.

“They have long known that the service they deliver is synonymous with their brand. It’s not how they sell or what they sell that makes them stand out from the competition, it’s how they bring that entire experience together.”

Earlier, Adobe APAC chief Paul Robson told attendees that marketing is changing the way business strategy is being put together.

“The reinvention of marketing has become the catalyst for the reinvention of the enterprise,”  he said while adding that in order to make the transformation “… increasingly we are seeing a bridge between marketing and IT.”

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