Man Who Ate 259 Pizzas In The Past Year Named Domino’s’ Biggest Pepperoni Fan (& Wins Year’s Supply)

Man Who Ate 259 Pizzas In The Past Year Named Domino’s’ Biggest Pepperoni Fan (& Wins Year’s Supply)

Anthony Fenton is Domino’s biggest Pepperoni Pizza fan!

While thousands of pizza lovers across Australia enjoy a slice of this classic from time to time, Fenton ‘pepperonly’ has eyes for one pizza – ordering 259 Pepperoni Pizzas from Domino’s in the past year alone, which is an average of five a week!

“I’m a simple man, and I like a simple pizza,” Fenton said.

“The slight spiciness of the pepperoni, paired with the tasty mozzarella and rich tomato sauce is the perfect combo for a filling and delicious meal.”

As a South-Sydney local, Fenton relies on Domino’s Gymea to safely deliver his favourite pizza.

“A few months ago, my oven stopped working so I actually couldn’t cook anything in my kitchen. As someone who works six to seven days a week, it was super convenient to be able to drop into Domino’s Gymea on my way home and pick up some pizza for dinner.

“Pizza is also a great sharing food, and I often enjoy tucking into a slice with my fiancé and son at the end of a busy day,” he said.

To celebrate his love and loyalty for the universally adored classic, Domino’s is sending Fenton a ‘pizza’ kindness in the form of a year’s worth of free pizza!

“While many might think this is an opportunity to branch out and try something different… I’m fairly sure I’ll be sticking to my old faithful Pepperoni!” Anthony laughed.

Domino’s ANZ chief marketing officer Adam Ballesty said it was fitting to thank Fenton for his ‘a-dough-ration’ of the classic on National Pepperoni Pizza Day.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to restrict many joys we once took for granted, but we count ourselves lucky that we can still enjoy our favourite slice,” he said.

“Even during lockdown restrictions we’ve seen the power something as simple as a Pepperoni Pizza has to bring people together – whether it’s shared between housemates and family members or enjoyed virtually over a video call with friends.

“We hope being recognised as one of Domino’s most loyal customers helps put a smile on Anthony’s face during lockdown, and of course, puts a little extra ‘pepp’ in his step!”

If you thought Fenton was alone in his love for Pepperoni Pizza – think again.

Pepperoni is the most popular pizza in Australia, with Domino’s stores across the country delivering more than 14 million Pepperoni Pizzas to hungry customers in the past 12 months. That’s an average of more than 38,000 Pepperoni Pizzas a day!

And the city home to the most Pepperoni Pizza lovers? Look no further than Sydney, with Domino’s stores safely delivering more than 2.6 million Pepperoni Pizzas to Sydneysiders in the same period.

Not only is Pepperoni Pizza a clear fan favourite, but pepperoni itself is one of Australia’s most popular toppings, with more than 750,000 slices added to Domino’s pizzas every year. That’s 1,300 metric tonnes of pepperoni – which is more than three and a half 25 metre swimming pools filled to the rim!

If you’re a Pepperoni Pizza lover like Anthony (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), then what better way to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day than with a slice yourself?

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