LYNX Put Musos, Smells, Confetti And Fans In A Pitch Black Theatre For An Experiential Stunt

LYNX Put Musos, Smells, Confetti And Fans In A Pitch Black Theatre For An Experiential Stunt

What happens when you put stellar musos, confetti cannons, a shitload of bubbles, LYNX aromas and a bunch of people in a pitch black room?

Well, you’d get the ‘LYNX Pitch Black’ event.

Taking a new twist on the experiential side of marketing, LYNX made sure guests were treated to a unique performance of Aussie band Seekae, along with a number of other multi-sensory experiences, in a one-off show.

Directed by Christopher Hill (Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, Architecture In Helsinki) and co-produced by EXIT Films in partnership with VICE’s music channel Noisey and LYNX, the footage was captured at the event in Sydney’s Seymour Centre.

Using techy camera tools including Infrared, Thermal and Night Vision shot through the dark, the video captured an auditorium full of interactive dancers, CO2 cannons, a dog, UV bubble machines, curtains of confetti, Seekae fans, and more.

“It was really exciting working on something that was in essence extremely unpredictable… I really wanted to maintain that feeling of delving into the unknown. We didn’t know how the audience was going to react. The end result seems to walk a fine line between reality and fantasy,” Hill said.

“Myself and the team at EXIT spent a lot of time researching the cameras… to see the subtleties of how each camera worked without visible light. Thermal imagining in particular is so bizarre… it’s like looking at a different reality.”

Flipping the live setting on its head and putting a crowd in the dark was a concept borne from LYNX’s current LYNX Black campaign which champions the idea of stripping things back to their purist form.

“When we launched the understated LYNX Black fragrance in March this year, we wanted to create experiences that mirrored the philosophy that sometimes less is more – whether that be in fragrance, style or music,” LYNX brand manager Michael Coden said.

“Seekae’s ‘LYNX Pitch Black’ performance delivered on that – taking away the audience’s vision, and performing a pretty electrifying set entirely in the dark.”

Seekae’s Alex Cameron added, “LYNX Pitch Black was a singular experience for us as a band. Playing in total darkness, even with night vision goggles, we found ourselves relying on instinct and touch to execute the performance.

“There’s no preparing for that kind of thing. It was odd, and a lot of fun.”

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