Lapsus$ Hacker Group Was Run By A Couple Of Teenagers

Lapsus$ Hacker Group Was Run By A Couple Of Teenagers

The two teens, aged 16 and 17, created the Lapsus$ organisation which was responsible for a number of illegal online activities. They were identified by the UK authorities and they now face multiple charges.

The group targeted and successfully probed data from major corporations such as Microsoft, Opta, Samsung and Nvidia.

These breaches of cyber-security led the companies into a state of disarray, with Opta in particular having to issue a long apology towards its clients for the loss of their account information and Microsoft creating a major blog post about the group, despite the loss of just one account due to their activities.

Last week, a report from Bloomberg stated that a teenager was behind these attacks. A few days later, the UK police made a series of arrests related to the case, although the group was not directly named by the British authorities.

That led to the identification of the two teenagers who were in charge of the group. They both face heavy charges and will be forced to appear in front of court on Friday. However, the 16-year-old, who also appears to be the de facto leader of Lapsus$ and goes by the codename “White” or “breachbase”, has also been charged with forcing a PC to grant him unauthorised access to a program.

The other people that were arrested were eventually let go by the UK police as it was proven they had nothing to do with the case and were just really good with computers.

Lapsus$ had been known for their unique hacking methods, which they usually boasted about online, publishing images of stolen code on their social media profiles. They also actively recruited new members for their ranks via their social networks. They had been profiled as “extremely dangerous” by several companies.


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