Kochie Weighs In On Logies Stoush: Not Worth “Getting On The Grog With A Bunch Of TV People”

Kochie Weighs In On Logies Stoush: Not Worth “Getting On The Grog With A Bunch Of TV People”

Sunrise’s David Koch has weighed into the current “can’t be bothered to attend this year’s Logies” stoush by suggesting what everyone knew already – TV’s annual awards is basically one big piss-up with dubious judging.

On Wednesday, rival Today host, Karl Stefanovic, used a segment on his breakfast show to take potshots at non-attendees at the event set-down for the Gold Coast on July the 1st.

Stefanovic took particular aim at the Sunrise team who’ve all apparently decided to give this year’s event a big miss.

“What, they’re too good to support the local industry? To support their own network colleagues who have been lucky enough to be nominated for their hard work? Just plain too good,” Stefanovic stammered. “Well, we don’t want you there, anyway. You’re all boring!”

Yesterday, Kochie fired back saying he just doesn’t see the value in “getting on the grog with a bunch of TV people”.

Appearing on Adelaide radio station Fiveaa, the Sunrise host added: “It’s not worth going this year… I’m not missing much I don’t think.”

He then added that he’d prefer strong ratings over winning a Logie, a clear dig at his rivals at Today.

“We just look at our ratings, that’s our Logies,” he said. “We’ve had 13 consecutive years. We’ve always scratched our head at how the Logies are decided and judged.

“I think there is a place for the Logies, but I think they’ve got to be a bit more transparent in how it’s all done and maybe have a rethink of how it goes,” he said.


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