Kargo Powers Cross-Channel Performance For APAC Advertisers With CORE

Kargo Powers Cross-Channel Performance For APAC Advertisers With CORE
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Kargo, a leading provider of full-funnel advertising solutions across mobile, desktop, and TV screens, is excited to announce the launch of CORE (Create Once, Run Everywhere) in APAC.

CORE is built on creative science and empowers advertisers to easily use their creative assets across screens for seamless campaign performance at scale. A combination of creativity and technology, CORE empowers brands to reach their audience at the right time, in the right environment, and on the right screen.

“According to IPSOS 75 per cent of a campaign’s success is driven by creativity,” said Robert Leach, Kargo APAC general manager. “But as consumers flip through devices, maintaining cross-screen consistency with memorable ads is a necessity. So, given the high costs and lengthy turnaround times, how can brands tackle this task? The answer lies with Kargo’s newly expanded CORE creative suite”.

Kargo originally launched CORE in APAC for video and has now expanded the offering with a cross-screen enhanced pre-roll that runs across mobile, tablet, desktop, OTT and CTV.

Kargo is adding creative capabilities, including its popular mobile-only ad formats, such as Runway for desktop and tablet, with adhesion, in-article, and out-stream formats to follow. This means that advertisers can now create once and run enhanced video and display ad formats seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices, maximising efficiency and impact.

As well as driving creative consistency, Kargo CORE has a range of other benefits, including easy activation through direct PMP and programmatic guaranteed channels. Brands can also get extended reach on their preferred device with the ability to retarget users with a personalised experience to build stronger brand-customer relationships. Kargo’s offering enables brands to optimise campaigns and analyse performance to ensure resources are directed to the most effective channels, reducing waste.

Advertisers can increase their performance with Kargo CORE. According to Comscore, brands have seen a 17 per cent increase in unique reach and a 14.2 per cent lift in attention when pairing desktop with mobile, for example. In another study, Comscore found that seeing an ad on four screens for a single campaign increased ad recall, brand favorability, and recommendation intent.

“Advertisers in APAC will see higher performance against their goals with our CORE offering, which makes it easy to run creative from a single campaign across different channels and screens. Our creative science innovation provides the perfect combination of automation and innovation to help advertisers cut through the clutter and achieve success,” said Robert Leach, general manager, at Kargo APAC.

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