Recreated Brand Logos Show How White A Brand’s Leadership Team Is

Recreated Brand Logos Show How White A Brand’s Leadership Team Is

As the issue of racism continues to dominate global discourse, the corporate world is under more scrutiny than ever to ensure diverse and inclusive leadership.

While plenty of brands have publically supported Black Lives Matter and addressed the issue of racism, the irony remains most have an overwhelmingly white C-suite.

Take Nike, for example. Nike has never shied away from taking a stance against racism and injustice. However, its leadership team is 85 per cent white.

That’s why a pair of Goodby Silverstein & Partners creatives decided to take matters into their own hands by using the power of logos to showcase just how white some of the world’s most popular brand’s leaders are.

True Colors is an Instagram side project by GSP art director Eleanor Rask and copywriter Trevor Joplin. Essentially, the creative duo has taken famous logos and reimagined them to showcase the percentage of white leadership and boards.

The whiter the leadership, the whiter the logo. Some logos are barely even visible, like Netflix with a 94 per cent white leadership team.

Meanwhile, Adidas is almost impossible to see with a 100 per cent white leadership team.


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