Infographic: Unlocking The Potential Of Chatbots In E-Commerce

Infographic: Unlocking The Potential Of Chatbots In E-Commerce

Here at B&T, we love anything to do with technology and e-commerce, so you can imagine our delight when we stumbled upon an infographic that ticked these boxes.

The people at Market Inspector did some research which found many e-commerce brands are beginning to explore service automation through chatbots by capitalising on the massive growth in the number of people using messaging apps.

However, a majority of them still face uncertainty on how to successfully implement it on their website.

This inspired Market Inspector to come up with an infographic which demonstrates the potential of chatbots at every step of online purchase journey.

Infographic - Unlocking the Potential of Chatbots in E-commerce


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  • Chitransh Naman 2 years ago

    With the e-commerce industry – all time high, it was going to make sense with businesses going for chatbots. Facebook Messenger has been great for the chatbots. There are millions of chatbots available but it depends if the training of the chatbot is done right.They are surely going to evolve to much more than what they are today. By 2021, Most of the businesses will find themselves in desperate need of chatbots, because they use the power of AI which is the future. To know more about how chatbots can help, check this video.

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