The Zoo Republic & Sanitarium Change The Game With Their Latest Weet-Bix Prize-Bowl AR Promotion

The Zoo Republic &  Sanitarium Change The Game With Their Latest Weet-Bix Prize-Bowl AR Promotion
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Sanitarium Australia and The Zoo Republic have teamed up to develop and launch a new and exciting cricket promotion, to be found on Weet-Bix packs across the nation.

Building on Weet-Bix’s affiliation with cricket superstars Ellyse Perry and Marnus Labuschagne, the promotion features AR technology to bring the cricket pitch to the breakfast table.

“To build on the success of previous year’s cricket promotions, innovation was essential to capturing shoppers’ and retailers’ imaginations,” said Ian Founds, strategy director at The Zoo Republic.

“In a pandemic year we wanted to offer consumers something new and exciting. This meant turning the iconic Weet-Bix box into an interactive cricket stadium right on the breakfast table, complete with two of Australia’s best cricketers at the crease, waiting for players to try to bowl them out to win a prize.”

The Zoo Republic partnered with Nakatomi to develop the technology and gameplay for the Weet-Bix Brekkie Prize-Bowl AR promotion.

The promotion brings a unique experience to the breakfast table, helping Aussie kids get closer to their heroes and be part of the action.

Shoppers are able to purchase these special Weet-Bix packs and scan the QR code to download the Brekkie Prize-Bowl app. Once at home, the app can be used to launch the all immersive AR game straight off the pack, offering the opportunity to  try to bowl out Marnus Labusachgne and Ellyse Perry.

Added prizes and interest are found throughout the game, including collectible cards and the chance to win 1,000s of instant prizes with unique codes found inside packs of Weet-Bix.

“For Weet-Bix, it’s all about feeding kids’ belief in their big dreams,” said Edward Nethery, creative director at The Zoo Republic.

“Their sporting heroes play a huge role in inspiring these dreams. Bringing Marnus Labuschagne and Ellyse Perry, who are two of Australia’s best cricketers, to the brekkie table had to be done in an equally inspiring way.”

“In this case, the breakfast moment made augmented reality a perfect fit for the promotion, and not just for the entertainment value. Thanks to Nakatomi, we made sure the Weet-Bix box was central to the whole experience, meaning it’s not just being bought, but brought out of the cupboard to the table and consumed every morning.”

Ben Bray, executive producer of Nakatomi said; “AR allowed us to craft a bowling mechanic that’s just the right amount of challenging and fun. It was great imagining stylised cricket stadiums for the various backyards of Australia and creating a reward system reminiscent of our childhoods, collecting classic Weet-Bix cricketing cards.”

The Zoo Republic also developed on-pack artwork and created a full POS suite for major retailers nationally (Coles, Woolworths and IGA) that calls out the ‘Scan, Play, Win Instant Prizes’ headline and ‘1,000s of prizes up for grabs’ hook.

“The brief was simple: how do we get more families starting the day with their Weet-Bix this summer?” said Jessica Manihera, head of marketing at Sanitarium.

“The Zoo Republic responded by reinventing our yearly Weet-Bix cricket consumer promotion; embedding it with youth appeal and creating the most compelling Weet-Bix offer yet over the summer period.”

“This included using our new Weet-Bix ambassadors Ellyse Perry and Marnus Labuschagne and integrating a new, motivating consumption driving mechanic with augmented reality. The promotion is designed to grow consumer engagement by encouraging daily interaction with the Weet-Bix pack, while also providing new news and excitement in-store for our shoppers”

The promotion launched in September and will run until December.


Client, Sanitarium:

Jessica Manihera, Head of Marketing

Helen Reiher, Advertising, Media & Sponsorship Manager

Tyler van der Veer, Assistant Brand Manager – Weet-Bix

Dora Yu, Social Media Strategist

Digital Producer – Kalel Johnston

Consumer Engagement Representative – Mikayla Davidson

Creative, The Zoo Republic:

Edward Nethery, Creative Director

Ian Foulds, Strategy Director

Edbert Wahjudi, Art Director

Andy Dobell-Brown, Finished Artist

Claire Bexuidenhout, Account Service Director

Emily Richardson, Senior Account Director

Holly Jackson, Senior Account Manager

Game Development: Nakatomi Play


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