How Brands Are Bringing Campaigns To Life With Pinterest’s Trends Data 

How Brands Are Bringing Campaigns To Life With Pinterest’s Trends Data 

Ask any marketer if they wish they had a crystal ball to glean the buying intent of consumers and you’d undoubtedly receive a resounding “YES!” 

When it comes to successful marketing, it’s often not about what people have done in the past, but more importantly what they intend to do in the future. 

And this is something Pinterest has successfully tapped into with its Pinterest Trends tool & the forthcoming Pinterest Predicts round up. People come to Pinterest to plan. That means Pinterest has the inside track on what’s coming up long into the future. Last year, they predicted 100 trends for 2020—and 80% of them came true… even in the most unpredictable year ever.  And, due to Pinterest’s e-commerce focus, it gives a more accurate reading of consumers shopping habits.

The tool helps brands gain deeper insights into planning behaviors on the platform, and allows them to allocate budgets to campaigns during various planning stages. It also uses data to validate assumptions about emerging trends, refine search queries with the help of auto-complete suggestions, and help advertisers find a list of keywords to include or avoid while planning media campaigns.

At the heart of it all, Pinners are planners. People come to Pinterest to save ideas and plan for the future, which gives Pinterest an incredibly unique insight into unique and emerging tastes, preferences and interests. Pinterest is able to track evolving insights on key life moments, cultural and seasonal moments, and everyday life habits. 

Basically, Pinterest Trends is a treasure trove of data and insights for marketers, and has been helping some of Australia’s most popular brands – such as BIG W – with their campaign branding. 

BIG W recently partnered with Pinterest to launch its spring collections campaign using the insights of what Pinterest users in Australia have been searching for on the platform ahead of the season to validate the campaign approach and help inform the creative approach. The campaign marked the first time BIG W used Pinterest’s trend insights to provide Pinners with ideas on  how to bring to life products from their latest collections.

BIG W and media agency partner Carat collaborated with Pinterest to use trending search terms to spotlight matching products from the spring collection. 

Speaking to B&T, BIG W head of PR, media buying and social media Fiona Harrop said the department store chain has been using Pinterest Trends to guide and validate its campaign activities, as well as to inform the wider business on how consumers are researching and planning for themselves and their families. 

Harrop added: “In addition, visibility on the timeframes of purchase decisions, and mindset shifts throughout this year in particular, have shaped how we plan and execute content.”

Speaking to how BIG W has managed amid COVID-19, Harrop said like many, BIG W had to rethink its marketing approach, but Pinterest’s insights ensured a seamless transition. 

Like many businesses we found ourselves pivoting our approach to marketing in 2020,” said Harrop. “We wanted to give our customers and the wider community helpful and inspiring content to support in these unprecedented times. Pinterest’s trends and insights helped inform our Big Days at Home content.

“We knew which products were in demand and the insights from Pinterest searches and behaviours gave depth to how we could bring the products to life, enabling us to deliver meaningful solutions around these trends.”

 Harrop said Pinterest’s insights have been a valuable tool for BIG W amid the pandemic, and will continue to be moving forward.

“The insights helped us to validate our approach to what customers were seeking and provided the environment to enable customers to discover inspirational solutions from BIG W. 

“From using Pinterest’s insights and the Trends Tool, we saw a performance uplift in every metric – exceeding Pinterest benchmarks and previous BIG W campaign performance on Pinterest.”

Harrop concluded: “The insights from Pinterest have been a valuable tool that we will continue to utilise as part of our broader marketing analysis.”

The trends tool is currently available in US & UK and soon to launch in AU for all advertisers. Download the advertiser guide to level up your Pinterest game and visit the dedicated Australian insights hub to explore latest trends across Home, Beauty, Positivity and much more. 


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