Holden Questions Future Sponsorship With Collingwood After Eddie McGuire’s ‘Drowning’ Joke

Holden Questions Future Sponsorship With Collingwood After Eddie McGuire’s ‘Drowning’ Joke

One of Collingwood’s major sponsors, Holden, is currently debating its future with the Football club after Eddie McGuire joked about drowning a Fairfax female journo during a charity event.

In a statement, the automobile company said it disapproved of McGuire’s “inappropriate” comments.

“Holden prides itself on diversity, inclusion and social responsibility – they are cornerstones of our business and culture,” said the statement.

“Comments like these, regardless of their intent, have no place in today’s Australia and reflect poorly on the Collingwood Football Club, its fans, stakeholders and sponsors. Unfortunately, it can call into question the culture of the club, overshadowing good work done in the diversity space and local communities.

“Holden is engaging with Collingwood to express our disappointment directly and discuss our sponsorship.”

McGuire came under fire over the weekend for his comments where he, North Melbourne president James Brayshaw and ALF star Danny Frawley joked holding The Age chief sports journo Caroline Wilson underwater.

The TripleM broadcaster allegedly said he’d pay $50,000 to see Wilson stay under a pool of iced water “and charge an extra $10,000 for everyone to stand around the outside and bomb her”.  The comments were made during a charity day over the June long weekend held at the MCG in Melbourne. The charity involvement saw celebs slide into a vat of ice cold water to raise funds for research for Motor Neuron Disease.

After much outrage ensued following the comments, McGuire apologised on air over this past weekend, saying it was only banter. He also posted an apology video to the Collingwood website.

“I have been really disappointed that these comments have led to these feelings from people,” he said on his TripleM show.

“I apologise and retract them in the spirit of what we’re trying to achieve, and that is to look after women and children in our community.”

However, the fallout from his comments has been swift, with rival radio talent Meshel Laurie labelling him a “pig” and saying he shouldn’t be allowed to broadcast, and Labor MP Bill Shorten reportedly cancelling an appearance on McGuire’s TripleM show, effectively “snubbing” him.

Caroline Wilson, the journo the comments were made about though, has said she reckons McGuire was forced to apologise and is having none of it.

Last night, James Brayshaw also apologised for his role in the comments: “I was part of an on-air conversation during the Queen’s birthday broadcast where things were said that were both inappropriate and unacceptable. And for that, I offer my sincere and unreserved and unqualified apology.

“Respect for women and their role in football…and indeed in our society is of vital importance and as leaders we need to be very, very aware of this.

“We let ourselves down during the broadcast in this crucial area last week. I know Ed and Danny have already apologised and it is absolutely appropriate that I do too.”

Lead image: Screenshot of McGuire’s apology on the Collingwood website.

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