Hungry Jack’s & KFC!? Most Popular ‘Restaurants’ For NSW Dine And Discover Vouchers Revealed

Sydney, Australia - October 17, 2017: Hungry Jack's fast food restaurant exterior of the store located Oxford St & Cnr Pelican Street. Hungry Jacks is the exclusive Australian fast food franchise of Burger King Corporation.
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Earlier in the year, every local of NSW received $100 in vouchers to support local businesses, especially in hospitality, that had worn the brunt of coronavirus restrictions. But new reports allege big brands received much of the interest from New South Welshmen.

Figures obtained by News Corp Australia’s NewsWire show movie theatres, fast food chains and pubs make up the top 10 food businesses where the state’s Dine and Discover vouchers were spent.

Hoyts Theatres topped the list, followed by Event Cinemas, Hungry Jack’s, KFC, and The Wests Group Australia.

The vouchers were announced in last year’s NSW state budget and provided NSW locals with two $25 vouchers to spend on food and another two $25 vouchers to spend on entertainment.

NSW shadow treasurer Walt Secord said, via NewsWire, there was a “disproportionate” number of fast food restaurants on the list, because the state government had made it too difficult for smaller restaurants to take part.

“The big corporates had the technology, staff and resources to hoover up the Dine and Discover vouchers, but family operations struggled,” Secord said, via NewsWire.

“I don’t begrudge the KFCs and the Hungry Jacks restaurants, but a tiny family Indian restaurant in Parramatta just couldn’t fight their way through the jungle of red tape.”

Top 10 Dine businesses

  1. Hoyts Theatres
  2. Event Cinemas
  3. Hungry Jack’s
  4. KFC
  5. The Wests Group Australia
  6. The Fiddler Hotel
  7. Pancakes on the Rocks
  8. The Bavarian Beerhaus
  9. Camden Valley Inn
  10. Bankstown Sports Club.

Top 10 Discover businesses

  1. Event Cinemas
  2. Hoyts Theatres
  3. Taronga Conservation Society Australia
  4. Sydney Zoo
  5. Timezone
  6. Zone Bowling
  7. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
  8. Reading Cinemas Rhodes
  9. United Cinemas Opera Quays
  10. Scenic World Blue Mountains.

Featured image source: iStock/Catrin Haze

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