Historic Paintings Get Victoria’s Secret And Star Wars Treatment In Bizarre Designs

  • 'Nighthawks' By Edward Hopper
  • American Gothic
  • aristotle with bust of homer1
  • christ in the garden1
  • victoria's secret1
  • nighthawks1
  • self portrait1
  • storybook1
  • the madonna
  • the older1
  • the red kite1
  • Amor1
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It’s always fun to have a bit of a play around with Photoshop, and these designers have whipped up some doozies, creating some bespoke branded pieces out of historic and famous paintings.

Grant Wood’s ‘American Gothic’ gets a Star Wars twist, as does Remembrant van Rijn’s ‘Aristotle with a bust of homer’.

Jesus Christ scores some gnarly looking headphones with what looks to be Kanye West serenading him.

And the famous ‘L’amour et Psyche’ by Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée covers up with some Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Check them all out in the gallery above from the designers over at DesignCrowd.

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