How The Hell Do You Decipher Social Media Analytics Anyway?

How The Hell Do You Decipher Social Media Analytics Anyway?

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Chris Marentis, the CEO of Surefire Social helps us understand all the analytical gobbledegook.


Translating social media analytics to ROI is not always clear-cut. (As we all know…)

National and local social media marketing experts know that there are numerous ways social media marketing can contribute to a percentage of overall returns. Often, calculating the importance of social influence is more complex than tracking where unique site visitors originate from.

Different Ways to Drive Returns on Social Media

Different local social media marketing strategies can enhance overall business plans. It is important to recognize how social media enhances different aspects of any given business. Social media analytics help optimize marketing campaigns. Before tracking how to improve existing social media marketing campaigns, there are a few social media truisms business owners and marketers need to know about.

Target Different Audiences on Different Platforms

Analyze what platform (or platforms) will be most effective. Almost no business has enough resources to target all major social media platforms. Instead of targeting the general public, look for platforms that already attract a core demographic. For example, Facebook is a consumer-based platform that is well-known for attracting slightly older females, whereas Google+ is better known for attracting tech-savvy males who are slightly younger.

Look for Influence and Value

A great social media hangout might not necessarily translate to increased sales. However, it is important to calculate other value that a buzzing online community can contribute. Customers can contribute to brand development and product development on social media sites, and insight should go beyond simple statistics.

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