Havas Media Group Downs Tools for Hava-Rest Day

Havas Media Group Downs Tools for Hava-Rest Day
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Today, Thursday 2nd September is officially ‘Hava-Rest Day’ for the entire Havas Media Group. A day off from work to relax, recharge and unwind.

Virginia Hyland, CEO of Havas Media Group (pictured) said: “As our industry knows too well, it is very difficult to take a day off and not be bombarded with the on-going stream of emails and team meetings. More than ever, looking after our mental health is exceptionally important so we have decided that September 2nd will be Hava-Rest Day for the whole Havas Media team. We will all down tools together so that everyone can truly enjoy the beginning of spring and take a day out for themselves.”

“When I contacted clients to advise them of our initiative and requested that they don’t contact the team on Hava-Rest Day unless urgent, all were exceptionally supportive which was lovely to see.”

Staff and clients alike are embracing the idea.

Patrick Millington Buck, senior account director Havas Sports & Entertainment (a division of Havas Media) said, “there is a lot of talk about investment, measurement & ROI in our industry but we often overlook the most important metric of all.”

“Our mental health. Hava-Rest Day is a great initiative to address this and it’s inspiring to be a part of.”

“There aren’t too many reasons these days to take time off – with no special occasions or vacations planned,” added Tegan Salter, SEO and content executive Havas Media Australia.

“This gives the chance to mix up the weekly routine and unwind for a day. Even if it means staying in a 5km radius, it’s a good chance to get outside and gives us all a little something to look forward to.”

“Hava-Rest-Day is a great initiative especially when the wider company stops for a day, it’s always hard to switch off with deadlines pouring in but with the push of all taking the day together helps,” said Maryam Esfahani, creative services director Havas Media Australia.

“Hava-Rest Day is so important. It’s a reminder for us all to pause and breathe. And it’s a behaviour that reflects Havas’ ongoing commitment to one of our core vales, being SUPERKIND – to ourselves and to one another,” added Danni Dimitri, head of strategy Sydney, Havas Media Australia.

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