Harrison-Seven War Reignites With Amber Threatening, “I’ll Go To Jail To Defend My Opinion!”

Harrison-Seven War Reignites With Amber Threatening, “I’ll Go To Jail To Defend My Opinion!”

Not that it really went away, but Amber Harrison’s ongoing social media stoush with Channel Seven has resurfaced with the former employee and mistress of its CEO, Tim Worner, threatening to break her court-ordered gag order and saying she’s even prepared to go to prison to do it.

As reported on B&T on Friday, Seven supremo Kerry Stokes used the company’s AGM last Thursday for a less than subtle dig at Harrison. Stokes telling shareholders: “Your company acted professionally and appropriately in the handling of a matter involving a former employee.”

Harrison immediately tweeted back: “There is nothing professional or appropriate about how the decision makers in this company behave.”

Over the weekend, Harrison gave an interview to The Australian’s Dana McCauley were she appeared to suggest she wouldn’t obey a court-ordered gag that prevents her from publicly speaking about her relationship with Worner. If Harrison did make public comments she would be in contempt of court and a prison sentence would be likely.

“I’ll go to jail to defend my right to have an opinion,” Harrison told The Oz.

Not only is Harrison under a suppression order but she has been ordered to pay Seven’s court costs. Seven has not yet sought recompense and, anyways, it would force the unemployed Harrison into bankruptcy.

According to The Australian, Seven’s lawyers “have sent Ms Harrison a number of letters in response to her comments to media about topics including former cadet journalist Amy Taeuber, who made headlines last month over her dismissal by the network after she made a sexual harassment complaint, which was revealed by the ABC’s 7.30 program.”

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