Hamish & Andy Accused Of Pinching Idea For “True Story”

Hamish & Andy Accused Of Pinching Idea For “True Story”

True Story with Hamish & Andy proved a ratings bonanza for Nine last night with its debut snaring 1.827 million viewers (1.28 million metro) according to OzTam figures.

However, there’s media reports out today suggesting the radio duo’s idea for the show wasn’t 100 per cent theirs.

The premise of the show sees a real-life Aussie tell an hilarious tale from their lives, which Hamish (Blake) and Andy (Lee) then recreate using well-known actors.



However, Nova host David ‘Luttsy’ Lutteral (left in photo) claimed he’d told Lee three years ago about a show he was working on called Cracking Yarns, which he claims bears a remarkable similarity to the comedy duo’s efforts.

Lutteral made the claim on his Nova breakfast show that Cracking Yarns was a “word to word” copy of True Story.

He even claimed he’d begun filming a pilot of Cracking Yarns with Nine, however, the network decided not to go ahead with it.

Nine has denied the claims, and issued a statement to media that read: “Radio Karate (Blake and Lee’s production company) have confirmed that the format for the program True Story with Hamish & Andy was conceived, and was in development by Radio Karate, over a year before Andy and Luttsy met for a drink in New York.”

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